Virtual Airline Database

“Infinite Flight Mentorship Program” better known as IFMP has taken the leap to be certified through the IFVARB and is now listed under the "Virtual Organizations" section. Congratulations!


For those wishing to create a Virtual Airline: you are not limited to just creating a virtual airline. Consider creating a Virtual Organization. If you wish to create something unique that doesn’t classify as a VA or if you’re unsure whether its to be categorized as a VA or VO, shoot an admin your question/concern. We’re happy to assist in making your Infinite Flight experience all that much better.

Every week this database keeps getting longer and longer. How long will it be? Only you can help us determine what the endless outcome would be. 😉


DeerCrusher, great work in this the IFVARB! FVA backs you 100%!


VirtualBlue, is the latest virtual airline to be certified and has been added to the database. Keep an eye out for their thread. Congratulations!


The long awaited and highly requested virtual airline, American Airlines Virtual, has been officially certified by the IFVARB. Congratulations!


@DeerCrusher is there any way you can PM me to discuss a possible VA idea regarding availability

You don’t need to ask. Just pm one of IFVARB staff members and they will happily respond

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He’s a new user. PM already sent to him. 🙂


Nonstop Virtual has also been certified and added to the database. Excellent job and congratulations!


Please read correctly, before you write these comments about us …


VA’s can run their show however they please. If that’s something that wish to pursue then that something that they want follow through with. Everyone has different management styles and this is just something different than the norm.


awesome job to the VAs. The list is growing everyday


Is Air Canada still active

Is Star Alliance still active?

They aren’t anymore.

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Message the contact for Air Canada to see if its still active.


May have to start pulling VA’s off the database if they remain inactive. I’d like to see these VAs/VOs providing an environment for the community to enjoy themselves instead of someone just holding onto a VA just for the name. There are other individuals waiting for their opportunity to run a VA of their own.


Thank you @BluePanda900 for the quick response!

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In addition to that, please see that members who want to join a VA often make bad experiences since they dont know the VA arena properly. I have experienced many members that first obviously looked for their home country carrier ( or a VA that sounded cool) and in the end were disappointed heavily due to the immense inactivity. Not to start a discussion, rather than supporting you there, but inactive airlines also throw a bad light on good and active VAs and basically make usual members who tried a VA turn away from them.

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We need to draw a line here; only allowing experienced VA leaders to run the more popular claims both prevents future good VA leaders, and many will want to stay with their existing claims anyway.

People who take a more popular claim have a bigger responsibility to keep it going- they are more likely to be removed quicker if inactive.

On the note of activity, the only way we can monitor this properly if through user reports. Anyone who’s interested in taking a claimed VA that they have found to be inactive should get in touch with us.


Just to state this right, thats not what I was on about. But you are right here.

Hey all of the great CEOs if you are at all unable to conduct a va I would suggest turning it over to a trusted member. This is only my opinion and suggestion enforcement is not my duty here now. (probably never) Just keeping thing on the up and up ;)