Virtual Airline Database

##The Current Active Virtual Airlines
These are the current active virtual airlines that have passed the application process with users to contact if you have any questons. Many of these VAs have contact sections within their websites – please check there first before private messaging the users listed below.

Aer Lingus@Gman
Air Canada@JacobVanZanten
Air France-KLM@A-FitzGerald
Alaska Virtual@Dashsolpher1
Alitalia Virtual@Fall_Etto
Aviation Airways/Corporate@Daniel_Cerritos
British Airways Virtual@LouDon16
California Connection @Declan_OHara
China Airlines@appleonegt
Delta Virtual@anon2063420
Emirates Virtual@harris_carvel
Frontier Virtual (N.B. Not available until global) – @SkyHighGuys
[Hawaiian Virtual] ( – @Lgsfly
Infinite Airways@RTG113
Infinite Flight Cobras@Rodney_Buckland
International Cargo Group@N1DG
Lufthansa Virtual@Lolo31R
LuxAir Virtual@AlexNo
NetJets Virtual@netjets_nick
Qantas Virtual@QantasVirtualGroup
Qatar Airways Virtual@QR01
Southwest Virtual@captjackson
Spectre Air Group@Chris_Ridgell
Star Travel@startraveler
United Virtual@mattrich
Velder Airways@Seb2104
Virgin Atlantic Virtual@Ben

##The Current Active Virtual Alliances
Virtual Alliances are defined as a partnership with two or more VAs that have a name.

SkyHub – Lufthansa Virtual, Frontier Virtual (Infinite.Flight)
Star Alliance – Air Canada Virtual, Lufthansa Virtual, United Virtual (tranquil_skyflyer)

If any information in this post is incorrect such as website, CEO, etc., please contact me or one of the other administrators via private message to resolve your issue.

Please contact @iceblue or @JoshFly8 if you would like to start a new VA or have any questions. To see how IFVARB operates, check this post…

Congratulations to those of you who have made it up there!


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Which ones can I join that does not require live?

Hi so I contacted someone from the IFVARB about 2 and a half days ago about starting the approval process and I haven’t heard back yet.

I may consider joining a VA when I have the money to renew live+

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Check the VA requirements on their websites or forum posts, if you are unable to find any information there, I’d suggest private messaging the users listed above.

Please, for the fourth time, add California Connection to the list. We’ve been certified over a month now. The website is


It’s up now. Don’t be so moody, Declan.