Virtual Airline currently under building (not yet ready)

I want to made this topic for anyone who will open a new virtual airline on the Next weeks or next month;
Only to prevent duplicates and wars about creators

  • EasyJet Switzerland (by grxninesix)
    Progress around 90%
    Should be available on fall Jan. beginning Feb.

  • Emirates VA (by )
    add info here

Rules for wiki
Post only when you have a serious project starting
(Website currently building, established ideas for routes,ranks etc)

If you are considering that this topic is unnecessary or inappropriate, flag as moderator attention needed thanks

Question- if you had a feeling of this in the first place, then why not contact the mods first?

Anyway, this is for the IFVARB to sort. We do not need people reserving VAs before they start building them.


Yes, Ice is right. IFVARB handles this territory.