Virtual Airline Category

Please create a virtual airline category so I can hide it.



Agree 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


If category created based on dislikes there will be insane amount of categories. But instead categories created on Likes. You can still block user post if you think you don’t have interest in his posts.

There are tons of them though. Just give them their own category.

Lol, you know what, VA is big part of Flight Simulator. Some of the online VA mimic real world airline companies. I think maybe having own category might help everyone organised and post useful stuff about VA in one place. It’s win win for the fans and for the one against it. Hmm sorry never thought it can be easy solution.


Exactly my thoughts.

Agree that would be good to have a Separate “VA” category, would help to keep things more tidy in the General Category.

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We don’t want arguments over who owns what and on positions

and the category can be affiliated with “Live” category. Ultimate goals is to fly in Live.

@Tyler_Shelton i’m sorry for tagging you, but why you dont want create this category?

Its a good idea for me.
Numbers of topics talking about virtual airlines, matt have say, in the future, he want expand virtual airlines in the game (if my remembers are good).

We don’t want arguments about managements or who owns what.

No one can “own” anything as there is nothing to “own” if anyone argues about that they are seriously sad.

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I FLAG VA’s as Advertisment Spam. i despise Pirates who feed off success!
3 Flags your gone, join me, Don’t let VA’s capture the spot light ever again!
Mad Max Sends


If there becomes a point to them I would sign up. The likes of Ryanair VS Easyjet would be a good one but then we need proper regions to measure flight numbers landings, passenger carried, hull loss crashes, cost vs revenue. And even after all that there is still no point unless you were not allowed to access certain airports till your airline grew. I dont know.

@Makeaflightforfun… Andy, VA’s are Paracites feeding off the success of others.
Their base is the wanna be who lookin for a Daddy. Flag’em as Advertisment Spam I say! Max Sends


I love VAs, they are very fun, and it is nice to actually fly “for” an airline!


But you don’t. I dont know any airlines that fly from London to east midlands in an a380 lol

@Thomas_Galvin… Your Bio says your more into your school work and deleting IF! Keep seeing you here supporting lost causes! Were you hallucinating when you posted your profile or just kidding? Max Sends

Bit of a strange one. Clearly getting abused on the forum is just as addictive as it is for the rest of us…

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@Makeaflightforfun… “Honesty is the best policy”, call them the way you see them! Max Sends

I am, I don’t have IF anymore, for the time being. I really think you should just worry about yourself more. I don’t believe that this is Infinte Flight is it? I don’t know why you say “lost causes” the devs had said before (I don’t have the quote so don’t ask) they would like to incorporate VA stuff at some point.

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