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Hello Virtual Pilots, I am Ryanair VA Pilot but I don’t know how to put [FRVA] before my name. Anybody knows? I have Virtual Ryanair Pilot on my Infinite Flight profile but in the app, when I am flying it isn’t.

Thank you.


Have you linked your IFC profile to your IF account in-app?

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Yeah mate, but there aren’t changes

Do you have the “Show Username In-Flight” box checked in the Online section of settings in-app?

To change the virtual organization linked to your account, go to Account Profile (Top right corner) → Summary → Preferences → Profile, and then change your VA/VA to the one that you are in. Cheers, hope this helps!

Edit: I apologize, I missed that you’ve already put Ryanair. In order for it to show in-app you have to link your IF profile to the IFC.

He’s already done this as stated in OP- the issue is that FRVA is not showing in-app before his username even though it’s correctly selected on his IFC profile.

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You are correct, in that case I’m not sure how else to solve the issue. Maybe make sure both accounts are the same?

He has also already done this.

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Yup, that’s why I would maybe make sure both accounts are the same. For example, maybe he created another account a few years back and forgot about it, and now they aren’t linking.

How long ago did this issue start for you? Or more like → when did add your VA affiliation?

It may be a stupid solution, but I did this error multiple times. Make sure you actually scrolled down in your account settings and actually clicked “save” because when i tried to change my affiliation. I was rurally unaware of this button and just closed the tab. Again, it may be stupid, but it’s a possibility.


@JetWig it appears that he already has Ryanair VA in his IFC Profile so clicking save might not be the issue being experienced in this situation. Rather, I think it might be a system issue.

@PilotHuedo, I may be incorrect so don’t count me on it, but it is a small possiblity.

Furthermore, feel free to try all the solutions above including Schyllberg’s, and be sure to let me know if they don’t work so we can brainstorm on what the issue might be.


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Do you mean your callsign? Like what ATC refer to you as?

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