Virtual Airline Business Course

Hey people,

I just came up with an idea 💡You know the way there is so much unprofessional and inactive virtual airlines? Well who would be interested in a ‘business course’ to teach people on running a good virtual airline/group? Please give me feedback on this idea and if you are interested let me know and we could maybe make this a thing.


There are many more good VAs then “bad” ones and the “bad” ones usually only last a couple of days…


Anyway what is your opinion on this idea?

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Waste of time. Also what makes you so qualified you can teach others?


I will teach anyone how to make the best VA.


Steps to making a VA by @AR_AR
Step 1: Don’t make one

And there you have it, you’ve been successful


AR_AR your insight is truly helpful 😂

I tried to do this, I failed, but I wish you best of luck.

I heard an idea like this. But you are the most qualified

Oh man. That’s two terrible posts in two days.

That sounds good to me, I want to have a Virgin Atlantic VA as there isn’t one on here sadly ! :(

Sound cool! I tried to make it so my VA (Corporate Virtual Airlines) was professional by making the Pilot’s exam really hard (and you had to have 90% or above), then making the pilot take an Advanced ATC Proficiency Exam to ensure the highest quality pilots…
Didn’t work out, people kept failing the Pilot’s test so I had to change it

If you want to apply, here’s our website:

TravelSky staff members already knows this 👍🏻

This would be a great idea but I’m probably nitvthe only one that noticed but va are a seasonal thing. In the summer there were a ton of va starting up and hoping for a great brand new start. Infinite flight was jam packed everyone had tons of time to play we were all pumped and excited. Now school has begun most people are busy with midterms, homework and tons of other work. So a lot of CEO and owners can’t be there 24/7. I think there should be some precautions when picking owners because everyone is busy and don’t have tons of time to be a full time owner so make sure that they have time. We should give va a little break for now since the last major shutdown of va. Wait until break till its get more packed on here because people like me haven’t been on here for a while . When there is a holiday we will have more prople looking to start a va . Maybe start this up around when global comes out. Other than that I think this is a great idea :)

No. Won’t work.

If people don’t want to put the time in to make a good, professional VA, then they will certainly not want to do this.

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I never said I would teach. I was seeing who was interested in the idea and see if there is anyone interested in being a good teacher

Also by the way, be positive for once…

I am but, in my opinion honesty comes before being positive and most of the time it’s one or the other and I choose honesty in most cases.

Don’t see the need of this. It’s not difficult to set up a va. :/


The only thing you need to have is passion, time and activity. And you have to be somehow special and differ from the others. Not by saying is de besd va eva done bicous ids from mi. That wont help.