Virtual Airline Application

Hello IFC. Hope you are all doing well. I have some questions regarding the Virtual Airlines and hopefully some of you could assist me…

  1. What is meant by the question “what is the appeal of Aegean/Lufthansa/Tam etc Virtual to you ?” in the application form ? What do I have to write/answer in that field ?

  2. In the field saying “copy/paste the link to your IFC account” what exactly do I have to mention ? Do I have to copy the link/URL to the page of my account ?

Hope someone an help me soon. Thanks a lot in advance


You just have to state why that Virtual Airline is interesting to you



Link This:


Basically just say like why you are interested in joining the said VA. For example I joined Aer Lingus VA because I am from Ireland and it’s my home airline.

Yes that is correct!

Good luck in getting into your VA!


Thanks a lot everybody. Happy flights

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