Virtual Airline Accounts

You have to get to trust level 2 to create a topic in the VA Category(also applies to #real-world-aviation and #features)


i know that but i can’t even get to trust lvl 2

Just be patient and be active, you’ll surely reach it.

yeah but i don’t want to wait a whole year

You’re not going to be waiting a whole year but complaining isn’t going to help. Stay active, read, post, and keep on following the guidelines and you’ll get there. Everybody is in the same boat and it simply requires some patience :)


Thanks. Didn’t read all replys

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Just a quick question,
How are we able to verify a Virtual Airline? I’ve been wanting to verify mine for a while and I’ve been wanting to know how to?

Welcome to the forum! I recommend you read through this guide to learn more about how to verify your VA:

Note: you need to be a member (TL2) to create a VA. You are currently a new user (TL0). To get promoted, continue to read topics, like posts, and contribute in a positive way. You’ll get there in no time at all.


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