Virtual Airline Accounts

@MishaCamp wouldn’t it also be nice to mention who runs the account in the VA account’s bio?

@Aussie_Cockatoo please stop spoiler-ing everything it’s annoying


I find it far more important that the VA staffs’ personal accounts are more active rather than a specific VA account. I just dont really see the purpose of a VA account when everything it does can be handled by the VA staff.


So to sum this up, I can make an IFC account for my VA and not have my personal one suspended even tho they will be on the same IP?

I think this is a great move for Virtual Airlines. I think that it is good To have accounts for them specifically so that any inquiries or reports can go straight to these accounts.

I believe here is your answer my friend.

I’m predicting a rise in VA accounts in the next 24 hours or so.

NB- If you are dealing with Me/Josh/NEO on one of these accounts we’d prefer to know who’s behind the account- as @dush19 said having the info in your bio is a very good idea, especially if more than one person is on the account.


I thought those categories required the user to be TL2, and how can they get to TL2 if they can only post in #live:va and #live:events. Will they be manually promoted by mods?


They can still post in the VA and events category, but they just can’t create a thread. I would expect the owner makes the thread on their personal account.

contradicting information much? where did you find your info?

A basic user can still post on the VA category, but can not make a thread.

do i really have to be trust lvl 2 before i can create a thread because i can’t even get to trust lvl 2 and i am slowly getting annoyed that i have to be a higher trust lvl so that i can do this and that. It’s almost a bit boring because there is not much to do.

You have to get to trust level 2 to create a topic in the VA Category(also applies to #real-world-aviation and #features)


i know that but i can’t even get to trust lvl 2

Just be patient and be active, you’ll surely reach it.

yeah but i don’t want to wait a whole year

You’re not going to be waiting a whole year but complaining isn’t going to help. Stay active, read, post, and keep on following the guidelines and you’ll get there. Everybody is in the same boat and it simply requires some patience :)


Thanks. Didn’t read all replys

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Just a quick question,
How are we able to verify a Virtual Airline? I’ve been wanting to verify mine for a while and I’ve been wanting to know how to?

Welcome to the forum! I recommend you read through this guide to learn more about how to verify your VA:

Note: you need to be a member (TL2) to create a VA. You are currently a new user (TL0). To get promoted, continue to read topics, like posts, and contribute in a positive way. You’ll get there in no time at all.


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