Virtual Airline Accounts


We have had a rise in virtual airline accounts recently. We do allow these to be created as long as they are kept at one per virtual airline. We will not remove them as a duplicate as long as they are kept to moderate levels. Users found with multiple VA accounts will likely have several of them removed.

What can I use for VA account for?

VA accounts are only allowed for posting in two categories. These are #live:va and #live:events. VA accounts found to be posting in categories out of these face the same consequences as personal accounts. VA accounts are allowed as a kind gesture by the moderators, so please do not abuse this or we will remove them without notice.



Thank you Misha. Excellent statement


Very grateful for this, thanks allot Misha.

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Consider rewording, it basically says that this account (for example) can’t post in this category.

Or if that is the case, we’ve posted features and support requests in their categories before and haven’t had any issues or complaints.


Yeah, good job Misha, another good topic. Also seen a spike. I guess it started with @QantasVirtualGroup and then people just got the idea off them.

@JetBlueVirtual this wont be good for you as your username doesn’t match your VA

If Misha, you say that VA’s cant post in Meta, so QantasVirtual is probably into a bust.

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Well that’s changing so kindly don’t tell me to reword my own topic 🙂


I can’t saying they are “copying” from @QantasVirtualGroup 😉 . @QantasVirtualGroup was the pioneer of this idea but that doesn’t mean the rest VA accounts are the result of a copycat. Sometimes, having an account specialized for Virtual Airline is easier in terms to manage the administration and the communication of a virtual airline 😊

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I dont really find it actually necessary to have a VA account, its basically useless since people who are into the VA section know peoples roles and affiliations with VAs. It also doesn’t really help managing imo, since its more difficult to handle 2 accounts instead of one personal where people face a clear individual instead of a bot-like “support” reply. So in the end its a good step by the mod team, I appreciate it :)


@MishaCamp wouldn’t it also be nice to mention who runs the account in the VA account’s bio?

@Aussie_Cockatoo please stop spoiler-ing everything it’s annoying


I find it far more important that the VA staffs’ personal accounts are more active rather than a specific VA account. I just dont really see the purpose of a VA account when everything it does can be handled by the VA staff.


So to sum this up, I can make an IFC account for my VA and not have my personal one suspended even tho they will be on the same IP?

I think this is a great move for Virtual Airlines. I think that it is good To have accounts for them specifically so that any inquiries or reports can go straight to these accounts.

I believe here is your answer my friend.

I’m predicting a rise in VA accounts in the next 24 hours or so.

NB- If you are dealing with Me/Josh/NEO on one of these accounts we’d prefer to know who’s behind the account- as @dush19 said having the info in your bio is a very good idea, especially if more than one person is on the account.


I thought those categories required the user to be TL2, and how can they get to TL2 if they can only post in #live:va and #live:events. Will they be manually promoted by mods?


They can still post in the VA and events category, but they just can’t create a thread. I would expect the owner makes the thread on their personal account.

contradicting information much? where did you find your info?

A basic user can still post on the VA category, but can not make a thread.

do i really have to be trust lvl 2 before i can create a thread because i can’t even get to trust lvl 2 and i am slowly getting annoyed that i have to be a higher trust lvl so that i can do this and that. It’s almost a bit boring because there is not much to do.