Virtual Airline Account Rules

Hi all,

Below are the rules for managing, obtaining, and using VA accounts on the IFC. You can gain a VA account when the following have been met:

  • Your VA has been approved by the IFVARB
  • You have asked the moderators for approval to create one
  • You have agreed to the following rules for VA accounts;

VA Account Rules

  1. VA accounts may only post in:
  • #live:va - one official VA thread
  • #live:events - for official VA events
  • #screenshots-and-videos - to highlight the best photos from your events from VA staff or VA members. If taken by members in the VA, credit must be given
  1. VA accounts can promote their VAs in any of the above topics described

  2. VA accounts may not promote via unsolicited PMs or in any other topics

  3. You must make the moderators aware of who runs the VA account and any changes to who has access to them

  4. The primary owner of the VA account must be stated in the bio of the account


That is quite cool - nice work. Thank you for this, Misha.


Nice and clear, just what we need! Thank you Misha :)

This is a godsend! Thanks so much Misha. Good to have this in writing now.


Thanks for clarifying this, even though we at Cathay Pacific Virtual don’t have/use a VA account ;)

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Thanks for clarifying this, Misha. ;)

@MishaCamp were VA’s aloud to post in #screenshots-and-videos or is that new?

Pretty sure it has been like that. AIVA did post in S&V before this post.


Oh I posted in S&V with my VA once and it got closed

I have seen a mod say you can’t promote VA’s in S&V.

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Odd. Must be fairly new then.

Nevermind, the AIVA thing was made by a staff member of that VA 😛


It was neither allowed nor was it banned in the past. We now specifically allow it for the first time with the restrictions provided above in the main topic.


This is going to make life so much easier now… hopefully! Thanks Misha.

I might’ve gotten approved during the best time. First it was v20.1 dropping a week after our approval and now this!!

Thanks so much Misha!


As Media Manager at AIVA I can clarify. Firstly, I had made a post with the VA IFC account about a flight we had done. However, it was temprarily unlisted due to confusion, but was thankfully relisted later. In the mean time I had made my own post as well, as it’s a non-VA-related account.

@MishaCamp are VA accounts allowed to vote for feature requests?


That’s a really good question, honestly I don’t know but my VA only votes for aircraft that aren’t in the game but are in their livery

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I do not know the answer to this but it would make sense if the VA account could vote for 1 of 2 things

1: Aircraft in their fleet
2: Liveries of their Airline|

That is an excellent clarifying question! Thank you for asking this @Luke_King-kong