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”A Class of Its Own.”

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Virtual Air Tigers Official Thread

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Founded in August 2021 the Virtual Air Tigers is a unique air display team focusing on formation flights and air shows. Our aim is to promote military aviation and air shows as the majority of all flights in Infinite Flight are commercial. Professionalism and realism are extremely important for us whilst not forgetting to have fun !

Message from the CEO

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight since 2016 and I’m still fascinated by it. My aim was to have a Virtual Airline /Organization sometime and now I’m proud to present you the “Virtual Air Tigers.” Although it’s not my first VA I founded, it is definitely the best and we all strive for professionalism without forgetting to have fun!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them!”

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Founder and Flight Leader: @anon99275236

Remember that there is a limited number of pilots !

- 6 main pilots

- 1 more KC-10 pilot

image Our Awards image

Frequent Flyer Medal

You will be granted this medal if you flew training flights 30 days in a row.


- Air Show Veteran Medal

If you have taken part in 20 air shows without any crash or mistake, you will receive this gorgeous medal.


- 1 Year Member Medal

After one year of active flying and spreading a positive atmosphere, our highest medal will be awarded to you!


image Our Routes image

As we don’t have a route-based system there will be 4 different types of flights instead:

1. Training Flights

All assigned pilots meet up and perform a training flight with the flight leader ( FL ) or the vice flight leader.

In case, both flight leaders can not take part the team will select a temporary FL just for the upcoming flight.

2. Repositioning Flights

All aircraft are being flown to another airport (e.g. flight to the US) with the support of a tanker or all are being flown with our private aircraft. This is done to provide more realism as you have to take off from there where you landed before.

3. Air Show Flights

4. Solo Training Flights

Every pilot is allowed to perform solo training flights.

image Our Hubs image

- Ramstein Air Base (ETAR), GER

- Nellis Air Force Base (KLSV), US

- Al Dhafra Air Base (OMAM), UAE

image Meet The Fleet image

F-22 “Raptor”

The F-22 “Raptor” is the workhorse for the majority of our flights. Due to its Supermaneuverability and many more flight characteristics, it is perfect for our air shows.

​Aircraft information:

Crew: 1

Weaponry: available but not used

​Range: 1,800mi /2,960km

​Max. Speed: 1,500mph /2,414km/h

Service ceiling: 65,000ft /20,000m

- A-10 “Warthog”

Sometimes we also use the A-10, so we are not stuck to the “classic” fighter jets only. The Warthog also has great maneuverability, long flight time (compared to other jets), and an aggressive look. Additionally, it is a reworked aircraft with new sounds, a live cockpit, and many more features !

​Aircraft information:

Crew: 1

Weaponry: available but not used

​Range: 2,580mi /4,150km

​Max. Speed: 439mph /706km/h

Service ceiling: 45,000ft /13,700m

- Spitfire Mk VIII

For some special events, we also operate the Spitfire. It is the complete opposite of modern fighter jets, but we also want to show how it started.

​Aircraft information:

Crew: 1

Weaponry: not available

​Range: 479mi /771km

​Max. Speed: 370mph /600kmh

Service ceiling: 36,500ft /11,100m

- KC-10

The KC-10 is one of the most important aircraft in our fleet. It supports us during training or repositioning flights, otherwise we couldn’t cross the Atlantic without stops.

Aircraft information:

Crew: 4

Weaponry: not available

​Range: 11,500mi /18,500km

​Max. Speed: 538mph /866km/h

Service ceiling: 42,000ft /13,000m

image Our Air Shows image

The majority of our flights are for training purposes, as it takes time to coordinate the team and learn different breathtaking maneuvers. There will be several smaller and two large air shows during the year. Additionally, we are planning to cooperate with the Infinite Flight Oshkosh event. All the air shows will be flown on Casual Server, however the Expert server will be used for normal formation flights without aerobatic maneuvers.

image Our Precise Maneuvers image

1) The Tornado

It is one of our three maneuvers you will get to see at our air shows. There are five aircraft forming an arrow in the middle while two other pilots fly rolls around it. The picture on the right serves as a visualization though once we performed this maneuver, our pictures will be uploaded.

2) The Rising Sun

In this stunt, all seven pilots fly towards the audience and then flee in different directions just before the runway.

​3) The Neckbreaker

After arriving from the back, all pilots pull up and perform a looping perpendicular to the audience.

Of course, we also perform the “basic” maneuvers like a fly-over or a normal looping, but these three are more complex to learn. However, as mentioned above you will get to see them at every air show! Click here and check out our events to see this with your own eyes in Infinite Flight!

image Career Mode image

All flights are flown in the fashion of a career mode structure which generally means starting there where you have landed before. Long repositioning flights will be flown with the support of our KDC-10 to avoid spawning all around the globe.

image Events image

Make sure not to forget our fantastic events! For more click here!

image Application image

Make sure you meet all the following requirements !


  • have a valid IFC account in good standing

  • have an active pro subscription

  • have a Discord account

  • be Grade 3 or higher

  • be an experienced pilot with excellent flying skills

  • not on the IFVARB User Watchlist

If you are sure you want to join us please send a message to @anon99275236 or @virtualairtigers on the IFC.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask them!


Virtual Air Tigers is an organization that does not operate in real life. We are not affiliated with any real airline or Infinite Flight LLC.
@2021 Infinite Flight Virtual Air Tigers


Wow! Looks absolutely amazing!!!


Thank you for your positive feedback!

Kind regards
CEO of the Virtual Air Tigers @anon99275236

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Love the new thread, and I can’t wait to see your teams performances! :D

Congratulations on your recent certification, Matt W. - Avelo Air Virtual CEO


Proud to be a part of this new performance VA as a tanker pilot and a reserve pilot!


Thank you very much and we can’t either wait anymore!

Kind regards
CEO of the Virtual Air Tigers @anon99275236

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We are also happy to have you in our team :)

Kind regards
CEO of the Virtual Air Tigers @anon99275236

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I sent someone from this VA a message about applying if someone could check that? Thanks

This is your only chance to join an outstanding team!

Make sure you fulfill all the requirements and apply!

Note: You should be living in an appropriate timezone. Further information when applying.




I dm’d you about how to apply

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“The Virtual Air Tigers, now a part of history”

The Virtual Air Tigers ceased operations with immediate effect today and will no longer be a part of the Infinite Flight skies.

We wish you all the best!


Hello Arian - unfortunately you had closed the discord-chanel quite fast.
Actually i wanted to react to your message - but you were fast…
I think it’s a pity that the air tigers became history again so quickly. But your decision is logical and consistent. School is always a good reason… i wish you all the best and that everything goes the way you want it to. Thank you for the short, but nevertheless nice time with the “Air Tigers”.
Feel free to contact me anytime - and if you like, take a look at FedEx… Alles Gute und viele Grüße aus Bremen!


Omg no!!! I was looking forwards to flying with yall 😪😓😭

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Let’s hope they reopen again, but doubt it

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