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Total Hours: 17645
Total Flights: 1240
Total Pilots: 46
Total Routes: 2009


  • 12 pilots in Recruitment process
  • 19 active pilots
  • 0 pilots on leave


  • 1 event weekly
  • Averaging 3 attendees


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New Codeshare Agreements

Jet Airways Virtual
Jet airways in real life is a carrier based in India that operates the Boeing 737-900, the A330-300, and the Boeing 777-300ER. But since we only have their 737-900 livery in IF, that’s the only aircraft we will be operating from their real fleet. This agreement will expand our network in India dramatically, as we have gained 40 new routes from them! You can find these routes in our route database under Jet Airways Virtual.

Next up:

El Al Virtual
El Al is the main airline serving the country of Israel, with their hub city being at the country’s capital of Tel Aviv (LLBG). We will be using their 787-10 and their 737-800 for a wide variety of routes spanning from 45 minutes to nearly 15 hours in length. You can find these routes in our route database under El Al Virtual

Lets get flying!


We are glad to be partnered with a marvelous virtual airline like VGVA!


We are proud to be partners with Virgin Virtual Group! Hope to maintain our bonds with same strength or even stronger for ages :)


@elal-virtual @JetAirwaysVirtual

We’re really glad to be partnered with you guys and our pilots are absolutely loving the codeshare routes. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for our VA’s together

Virgin Virtual Group


Now Hiring

Are you interested in joining the VGVA staff team? Do you have a passion for management? Think your talents could come in handy? If so, you have come to the right place. PLEASE READ ALL FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING. The Virgin Virtual Group staff team is looking for a new human resources manager (HRM).

This person would be responsible for:

  1. Maintaining a safe and peaceful social environment in our workspace.
  2. Ensure positive pilot experience and resolve conflicts.
  3. Assisting in the recruitment process
  4. Assisting in managing PIREPs
  5. Completing any other tasks assigned by senior management.


  1. At least 13 years of age
  2. Strong reading, writing, and social skills
  3. Able to keep a positive attitude at all times with pilots, staff, and other members of the IF community.
  4. Rank of Captain or higher (preferred, not required)
  5. Able to contribute an amount of time deemed acceptable by staff to duties
  6. No history of misbehavior and a good standing with the IFVARB, IFC, and on live servers.
  7. Absent from the IFVARB watchlist and blacklist.
  8. Not currently staff at another VA, and 90 days since resignation of any prior staff position.

You can look through other IFVARB policies here: IFVARB. Meet the requirements? Go ahead and apply! You will receive a PM through slack (if internal) or IFC (if external) shortly after you submit your application saying your application has been reviewed. VGVA will decide who we want once all applications are in.

Apply through the application form on the IFVARB website:



Hello everyone! As we enter the month of May, we have unveiled two long awaited changes! Times change, and so do we.

First off, we have officially started the move from our Slack workspace over to our new Discord server! This is great for several reasons. Along with the other great features it offers, Discord offers voice channels, which will come in very handy with things like with events communication, staff meetings, or even just plain old staff/pilot discussion. The move to discord is also great because many other VAs and Infinite flight organizations have already moved over to Discord, and this will make it convenient for our pilots and staff who already use discord to have all of their work spaces in one platform, and not have to be jumping back and forth between Slack. There is still work to be done on our new Discord channel, but it is moving along well!

Discord's Branding Guidelines

Next off, we have successfully moved to a new Crew Center, Flare! Most people may not be able to tell a difference between our old crew center and our new one as they are nearly identical, but Flare is much more state-of-the-art and customized to the VA’s needs. If you are already a VGVA pilot, go check it out!

Let’s all give a huge thanks to the creator of our crew center and the designer or Flare itself, @KaiM! Having such a sweet crew center likely wouldn’t be possible without Kai’s expertise as well as his generosity, so your presence in the VGVA community will be forever appreciated.

A reminder that applications for Human Resources Manager (HRM) are still open! Information on that will be found in the above post. Apply here:

As we approach Infinite flight’s busier season, the VGVA staff has several new concepts in the works that will focus more primarily on the actual flying aspect of VGVA, so be on the lookout!

That’s all, thanks everyone!


I applied for the VA about a week ago, and I haven’t heard anything back. I just wanted to ask if my application came through?

Shoot a PM to our COO Robert and he will get you set up @Deakin_pope 👍

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If I wanted to fly the 350 could I use a 900 as virgin in a generic livery rather than a 1000 variant as IF don’t have that? Also can I fly a generic 330 for virgin as well in IF?

@Captain_Amir350 we do not operate the Airbus A350 in our current mainline fleet. But we do operate the Airbus A330-300 using the generic livery. I hope this answers your question!

New Codeshare Agreements

Hello VGVA Community! We have recently formed a new codeshare agreement with two Virtual airlines. First up, we have Ethiad Virtual!

IFC Thread | Website

Ethiad Virtual Airways is based on the real world airline, Etihad Airways. They are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and they operate passenger and cargo flights to airports all over the world. They will greatly expand our route network throughout the middle east, and VGVA is super excited for our future flying together.

Next up, we have Saudia Virtual!

IFC Thread | Website

Saudia Virtual is based on the real world airline, Saudia, which is primarily based in Jeddah, but has a few other hubs are Saudi Arabia. They operate passenger and cargo flights to airports all around the world. Along with Ethiad Virtual, they will also greatly expand our route network throughout the middle east, and VGVA couldn’t be happier.

Thanks and Happy Flying!


We are glad to be a Virgin Virtual Group Partner!

Head of External Affairs | Etihad Virtual


Just applied here. Cannot wait to join, looks amazing.

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Just applied and hoping to pass

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Hi I would apply only if email address would work…

Today is a bright day for VGVA! With Infinite Flight 21.4 being released, the Airbus A330-300 has been reworked, and the Virgin Atlantic Livery has been added to it! The Virgin Atlantic A333 has been a long-desired aircraft among the VGVA community, and this addition is a major step in growing the fleet of Virgin aircraft in Infinite Flight. Not much left to add after this! (That’s right, we’re looking at you VS-A35K). With awesome routes to and from Gatwick, Manchester, and the Caribbean, VGVA couldn’t be happier!

To all of our VA codeshare partners:
If you would like to expand our agreements to include more of our Virgin Atlantic A333 routes, send a PM to @Jack_Q and we would be happy to negotiate!


@VirginGroupVA I have just applied for your VA! Hope I can join your VA soon!


Good morning/afternoon IFC,

Virgin Virtual Group is currently undergoing a staff change and we are getting our members familiar with their new positions and ensuring they are all up to date on the processes and the way things work in the VA.

So we would like to apologise if any Pilot application takes longer than normal to be approved and we appreciate your patience during this time.

VGVA Executive Team


What a cool thread! And a really good and professional website!