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Welcome to The Virgin Virtual Group Thread

Say goodbye to activity requirements, boring events and itty bitty fleets and say hello to flying - the fun way.
Our VA has a fairly short history, but we’ve sure had our fair share of ups and downs. In January of 2018 we were certified by the IFVARB as Virgin America Virtual with @Delta_Alpha_Lima as CEO. When @Trevor_A took over as CEO in mid-2018, the VA changed forever, and in late 2018 we became the VA you know today. The Virgin Virtual Group.

Executive Team

image @Trevor_A - CEOimage
image @KaiM - COOimage
image @Knellered - Chief Pilotimage

Events Team

Event Directors handle IFC Events, Event Managers are in charge of internal events.

image @Christopher_Coyne - Event Directorimage
image @Juan_Oosthuizen - Event Managerimage
image @Kacey - Event Directorimage

Operations Team

image @SteveSolo - Flight Managerimage
image @Nick_Martin - Recruitment Managerimage
image @Jersey_Paul - ATC Managerimage

Second Officer - 0 hours
Airbus A319-100, Boeing 787-9
First Officer - 45 hours
Airbus A320-200, Airbus A340-600, all previous aircraft
Senior First Officer - 120 hours
Airbus A321-200, Boeing 737-700, all previous aircraft
Captain - 160 hours
Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 737-800, all previous aircraft
Senior Captain - 200 hours
Boeing 747-400, Cessna Citation X, F22 (Virgin Galactic Virtual) + all previous aircraft

We have a range of destinations including every continent in the world, and even outer space! 1603 routes and counting, check them out here;

We are proud to partner with the following Virtual Airlines to continue to make flying fun again. All pilots may fly all codeshares - so the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re most likely interested in joining. Great! Check out our application form here;

But please note the following requirements;

  • At least 13 years old
  • Grade 2 or higher
  • Have a valid IFC Account
  • Have Access to Slack

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to check out our thread.
Blue Skies and a Tailwind!

“Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

The Virgin Virtual Group is in no way afflicted with the Virgin Group, Virgin America, Alaska Air, Virgin Australia or Virgin Atlantic. Icons from flaticon.


Amazing thread guys! I hope i can join one day!


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Great Thread Guys!


I’m looking to join a VA soon, this will be on my list for sure!


Check out our latest event; to the outback!

The VGVA Staff Team is extremely proud to announce that as of 0600Z our Airtable PIREP System will be no more. All pilots are currently in the process of transferring over to a new phpVMS Crew Center that our COO has set up.

In addition to this, yesterday our 189th Pilot joined us. Join us on our #RoadTo200 and who knows, maybe you’ll be our 200th pilot?
Note: We will be implementing a pilot cap of 200 pilots and activity requirements to log at least one flight per 2 months upon hitting 200 pilots.

The entire staff team would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped us make it this far. @Delta_Alpha_Lima, our original CEO back when we were Virgin America Virtual, @Knellered, our current chief pilot who’s been with us right from the very start, @DeerCrusher for helping us rebrand to VGVA from VXVA. And of course, all of our wonderful pilots. You make the VA what it is and we would not be here today without all 189 of you. I would tag you all if I could, but I think that’s a little overboard.


Just submitted my request hope I get to join before 200.

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Also I saw that you got rid of a pirep technique. Do you guys still have a pirep.

Yes, the Crew Center has a better, built in, smarter PIREP System

Ok any date when I would be accepted

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Just… about… now.

🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈We Support Pride Month🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈
For the next month every where our logo is will have this logo in support of Pride Month, where we celebrate everyone who is LGBTQIA+

Happy Pride Month Everyone!



Please expect our website to be down for the next few days while we do some upgrades. Thank you for you paitence.

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Our New Website is out.

Check it Out →


We’re proud to be partnering with @Balloonchaser and a multitiude of other VAs for a huge Vancouver FlyIn. Check it out;



VGVA are happy to announce that, effective immediately, we no longer have a rank structure.

In yet another step to becoming a VA with a difference, we recently, after a vote in Slack, decided to abolish our rank structure.


We have reached an amazing milestone of 200 pilots. We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support to help us reach this point. As of today, activity checks will be done semi-regularly in Slack, and all pilots should show they are active by reacting to the message within 72 hours.


Last but certainly not least, we would like to congratulate our Executive Directory @Christopher_Coyne, who is a pilot for the real world Virgin Atlantic(!) on his placement to fly the new Airbus A350s that VIR is receiving. He will begin flying them beginning after the next delivery. Please join us in congratulating him on this amazing achievement.

That's all for today, see you in the skies!


Any idea as to when you would be opening up to get more pilots? I’d be interested in joining if you were to open up to more.

We are still reviewing and accepting applications


Oh. Well when I tried the application screen said this: