Virgin Virtual Group - Now at 70 Pilots

Awesome flight last night from KSEA to EGLL. Love to fly with the guys of Virgin Group VA. Super awesome and happy to be here in this VA.


But wait, there's more!

We are now also hiring a techinician. If you have any knowledge of the world of technology be sure to apply.

So awesome and looks like fun. Maybe some time I can fly the a340 with the virgins

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Yep super cool VA to. Love the routes we have and the A340


More Pilots

We added 9 new pilots and 1 new staff member today. Giving us over 20 pilots and 8 staff in our team. As we grow each day and develop new things Every Day. We especially would like to thank our pilots for being there every day and keeping the chat up.

Check out our IG @ifvirginvirtual for all new updates and content.

We hope you join the team


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I applied for staff position 2 days back but never got a reply.
As proof:

Hello! I have reviewed your application and I will contact you shortly! I am very sorry and will stride to do better! Thank you!

HR Manager, VGVA

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I still haven’t received your message although you said you would email me 2 days back…

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No worries. Just PMed you now. Sorry.

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Awesome new Announcements

New Rank System

  1. We here at Virgin Group are proud to announce a new rank system. We decided the older one was not the most efficient way to give our pilots the best experience. This new one will explain all the good new stuff you’ll get once you complete a VA and all cool planes you get.

Our New Rank System

New Routes
2. We have also excited to announce some new routes with the addition of our Alaskan Airlines Routes. Any pilot can fly these aircraft at any time. These routes give our pilots 2x as many routes inside the U.S and Mexico flying alongside our Virgin America A320

Our Alaskan Routes

New Partnerships
3. We are also in some very good talks with some great partners. With these partners we are planning on adding over 200 routes and some very cool advancements in our technology part of the VA. We will officially announce these partnerships this week so stay tuned on here for these cool new adventures.

Join us Today, Down Below, Click the link

Want to join this VA. Climbing over 30 pilots we want you too join our VA today. We would be glad to serve you weither this is your first VA or 10th VA we wouldnt disappointe you.

Join Today

Were hope you enjoy our new additions to the VA. We are always looking for new ideas to add to the VA so if you have any please PM us @VirginGroupVA



If you have noticed we have been looking at changing up our staff. We have done some trials and settled down on these postions. If you would like to apply dont hesitate. We did stop hiring for a period of time so you must apply again for a staff postion

To apply please please PM @Trevor_A or this account

HR Manager
IT Manager
Recruitment Manager

VGVA Head Staff

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We have a new event up with ACVA and BAVA

Apply For the VA Today

Routes have been updated!

Our COO @KaiM has been hard at work updating our routes! They can now be found…


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Crew Center Now Available!

We now have an awesome looking Crew Center built by @Artem_F up and running at!
Please do not use the registration form on the Crew Center to sign up. We have Airtable for that!

Sorry for the double post/bump

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Save The Earth!

Carbon Emissions are killing the world as we know it. But replicating our real-world counterpart, we have decided to do something about it. We have filled out a form to wet lease a 747-8I aircraft from Aviation Airways VA. Replicating the real world trial that Virgin Australia are doing for biofuel out of YBBN, we have asked Aviation Airways VA to ferry some biofuel from KLAX to YBBN. There is a limited supply. There is only enough to do 13 flights as it is just a trial. For the next 13 flights out of YBBN our pilots perform they will get 1.5x the flight time and a special award on the Crew Center called ‘Eco Flyer’.

Sound Good?

Join Today!

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Our Events

Dont forget to join our event a week from now and fly with all three of these amazing VAs

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New Achievements

We are happy to announce that we have just welcomed in over or 30th pilot today. As we dont see our self as one of the core 6 VAs we do believe that we are on our to becoming one. We do hope that you consider us as your next home VA as we continue to bring new announcements everyday.

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What do yo do in the atc

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We have a verbal ATC divison on Discord and we also have an area where you can announce when you open on slack

What’s the requirement to join that virtual airline?