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The Official Virgin Virtual Group Thread

Virgin_Virtual_1B About Us:

You may have previously known us as Virgin America Virtual, but we decided it’s time we ramped things up. Welcome to the official thread of the Virgin Virtual Group. Our mission here at Virgin Virtual Group is to provide our pilots with a fun, safe area and an awesome place to hang out. We have a total of 4 subsidaries, which are as follows:

  • Virgin America Virtual
  • Virgin Atlantic Virtual
  • Virgin Australia Virtual
  • Virgin Galactic Virtual

More details on each of these can be found on our website.

Virgin_Virtual_1B Our Staff
We have a very capable staff team for all your needs, from training to general help, we can fulfill all your needs!

CEO- @Trevor_A
COO- @KaiM
Chief Pilot- @Knellered
Fleet Manager- @Captain_Millz
Operations Manager- @Louie
Event Manager- @Christopher_Coyne
ATC/PM @Klax.aviation

Virgin_Virtual_1B Our Fleet & Ranks
Our ranking system is designed to give pilots full choice about where they fly, what they fly and who they fly for.
Upon joining the Group the pilot will do a quick test if they are Grade 1 or 2. Grades 3,4,5 dont need a test. After that, they will be given a choice of which airline he or she flys for, as well as which aircraft. Pilots can change aircraft at the rank of First Officer or higher. You can see our full ranking system here .

Virgin_Virtual_1B Our PIREP System

Here at Virgin Virtual Group we have made lots of new changes to our PIREP area. We now us airtable which makes it possible for pilots to see that their PIREP was filed reassuring their all good instead of waiting. Then each day or 2 days we will update our sheet of pilot PIREPS into flight time sheet

Virgin_Virtual_1B Our Routes

(787-9 Routes)

(A340 Routes)

(747-4 Routes)

(A319/A320/A321 Routes)

(737-700 Routes)

(737-800 Routes)

(777-300 Routes)

(A330 Routes)

Virgin_Virtual_1B Communications

Due to the fact that it is reccomended by the IFVARB, we use Slack for communications. You will be provided with a link upon acceptance into the Group.

Virgin_Virtual_1B Join Us
Does all this sound good? If so, head over to our application to join.

Thanks for checking out our thread. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact anyone in the Staff Section.a54454a1515aef99b61a9d006587b628a47d2e52_1_666x500

Need help or see a issue. Either PM our VA account or send us soemthing on here


Oh yes! Ooh la la!! Brilliant and stunning thread


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Can I vote a 12 please?


Tbh I thought Alaska Airlines brought Virgin America.


They did but we have all Virgin Brands in one


Want an Event to Join

Well he have one for you this weekend

Now is your time to be part of the team

Join the Team


We have 10 pilots in the last hour. Now is the time to be on the team. Apply ☝️ above


Does applying to this put you in one of the Virgin Airlines above?

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Nope you can go through all three airlines @BigBert10

The form has an option to ask which airline you would like to start in. After you rank up to First Officer on your aircraft of choice, you can choose to convert to another aircraft. After you have flown all of that Airline’s aircraft you can change airlines.

New event is up

Make sure to join both of or events this saturday

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Congratulations, I know this has been a long time coming!


PIREPS already being filed. Tonight they will be put in for the first time. But guess what theres still time for you to join and get it put in tonight if you file a PIREP

Join the Team Today

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Looking for a quick FNF Flight

We have a couple of options

We have some options on our Virgin Atlantic Fleet

Going to HECA

EGLL to HECA 787-9
EGCC to HECA 747-4 (Generic)

Returning to Britain

HECA to EGCC A332 (Generic)

Each way is between 4.05 hrs to 4.30 hrs depending on wait time.
We hope you enjoy

Want a place to file these flights

Join the Team

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How does this work? Do you go in an F-22 as high as you can go?


It’s a special treat for the pilots who complete all the ranks. Also you cant be spilling the secrets like that 😂😂 @BobbyRobert


Yeah that’s exactly what it is lol.


Not long until this event kicks off! Reserve your spot by 2200Z!

Staffing Update

Staff Positions Available

This seriously has to be a record - we have a total of 7 positions open within The Virgin Virtual Group. We have;

  • Events Manager
  • Coder/Web Designer
  • Virgin America Virtual Advisor
  • Virgin America Virtual Advisor
  • Virgin Atlantic Virtual Advsior
  • Virgin Australia Virtual Advisor
  • Virgin Australia Virtual Advisor

If you like the sound of any of these positions, go ahead and apply! Questions? Concerns? Comments? Email us any time at

New Staff!

We’re happy to welcome @Klax.aviation and @Darpan to the staff team as ATC Manager and Virgin Atlantic Virtual COO respectively! We hope you guys enjoy your time with us!

Staff Resignation

Due to ongoing IRL commitments, our events manager @SpeedPlayz has resigned. His position is now available.

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