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Hey there I am trying to apply via your website and it seems your website is down.


Great to hear you’re interested in joining us! We’re currently having issues with the host we use for our site, so we do apologise for the down time, but in the mean time please use this link to apply;


Awesome idea!! I will definitely be using this 😁


If anybody out there is looking for a VA to join do not look any further than VGVA! I started playing Infinite flight just a couple of months ago and absolutely love the game as I am a bit of an aviation geek myself. I was looking through the forums a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon on VGVA and I have never looked back! Honestly, they make you feel so welcome, and are so friendly and there is always group flights going on and new routes being added for you to do and the rank system is very well set up. I am really enjoying my time here and hope to work my way up to big things with VGVA. If your looking to be part of something special join us all, you won’t regret it 😁😁


👏👏 Beautiful… I’m so glad that you like the VA and were glad you have found a home with us. I hope those group flights countine to keep you busy😉

Thanks for the kind words,


New Event Up! Check it out!


New Newsletter

We are happy to announce our new newsletter that we will be putting out. We are going to try for one every 2 weeks or every month! This news letter will contain information on VA updates, interviews with staff, interviews with pilots, fun facts, and a whole lot more. We have our awesome new staff member @Nick_Martin working on this. So if you have a suggestion for a new category or piece to go in the newsletter make sure to PM him or you can PM our VA Account. Now we hope you enjoy this new piece to our VA as much as we do.

Click Here for the Newsletter

#Roadto200: Join Today


Nice! I enjoyed it


Join Virgin Virtual Group Now

Why should you join?
-Friendly and commited staff
-Many different routes including Flybe and Alaskan
-Lots of different aircrafts to fly with
-Easy to understand rank system
-Group flights everyday
And much much more!!!

As recruitment manager I have been put in place to make sure new recruits transition into the VA runs smoothly. When you join you will receive the following:

  • An invitation to Slack via Email.
  • A personal welcome message from myself as well as your rank icon.
  • Introduction to other VA members.
  • I will then go through everything with you like how to use the PIREP system etc (currently setting up a welcome pack as well).
  • Once all set up you are ready to start flying with VGVA!


If you are still not sure and want more information on VGVA please feel free to message me and I will be happy to answer any questions 😁


Explain please, is this only for expert server, or it’s for all three?


I do believe it is all servers, but @Trevor_A or any of the staff team will be able to help you.


you can fly on any server with VGVA but it is a requirement that you are at least grade level 2 to join.
Many thanks
Nick Martin

[DATE CHANGE] VGVA Presents - New Zealand Tour @ NZAA - 231900ZFEB19
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400


This last week has been a really exciting week for us here at VGVA as we have welcomed 11 new recruits as our #roadto200 hots up. We are delighted to welcome:

We are glad to have you all on board and look forward to flying with you all!
Tagged in as name given on application!

Also make sure you join us in the big event we are sponsoring in April - (Qantas Virtual And Virgin Virtual Group Sponsoring!) (2 Months Away!) (29 Attending!) Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-140000ZAPR19

We would love to see as many of you there as we can!

Exciting times at VGVA, why not be part of it?
Join Now…Join The Best!


Alright, got Grade 2 just now, do I need to do the application again?


Yes please