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New Rank Restructure

After listening to our pilots and staff we have decided to have a new rank system put into place. We believe this will help our pilots want to reach for the best in all they do. Along with these new ranks we have had new badges made by our awesome Chief Pilot @Knellered

Heres the New Ranks

Second Officer: 787 & A319 + all previous aircraft - 0hrs
First Officer: A340 & A320 + all previous aircraft - 45hrs
Senior First Officer: A321 & 737-700 + all previous aircraft - 120 hrs
Captain: 777-300ER & 737-800 + all previous aircraft - 160 hrs
Senior Captain: 747-400, Citation X, F22 (Virgin Galactic Virtual) + all previous aircraft - 200 hrs

Here is a sneak peak at the new badges


We are glad to keep growing and striving for the best so we hope you want to take a look at us

#Roadto200, 140 Reached Already


Happy to be on board with both!


Maybe you guys can start doing FlyBe routes!

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we are all over it !! :-)


New Routes

We are happy to announce that we will begin flying all Flybe routes as Virgin Atlantic has bought out Flybe. So we are happy to now include the Dash-8, E170,E175 to our fleet. We will be putting the new routes and planes into our ranks over the next couple of weeks. Since they do have almost 1000 Routes this will really open up our inner Europe Market. We have our Flight Manager @SteveSolo sorting all the routes out right now and is doing an awesome job.

If you want to see more on it check it out here

Road to 200, 140 Currently, Join Today


Great VA keep it up, I personally like the thread a lot! ;)


I know this has nothing to do with the va but look at this beauty


Ill have to say the 787 is my favorite aircraft in our VGVA fleet Great Photo!


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It’s a fun coastal run using all Virgin Australia Aircraft!


Just applied!

I REALLY hope I get accepted, cause Virgin is one of my favorite Airlines. I have seen the 747, 787, and the A340 of Atlantic, and the A320 and 21 of America


I’ve just processed your application. Check your email!

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I’m so sorry, I can’t get slack. Is there a way that i could be PM’d all important info?

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I’ll PM you :)

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Sounds good

First Senior Captain

Were happy to be able to announce our first person to reach Senior Captain and that person is @Pilotcorn09 . He is a great aviator and pilot and were super glad to have him in the VA. He has flown every aircraft in the VA and just keeps climbing. So were glad to welcome him to the Captains Lounge and to his new Senior Capatin badge.

Round of an Applause
VGVA Staff Team


Glad to be apart of the VA, will be sure to keep getting those hours up!


I have applied!! I hope to be joining you all soon!!! 😁😁😁


Official Announcement

The Staff Team here at VGVA are proud to present something we have been working on for the past six months. It will change the way you think about Virtual Airlines forever.


At the Virgin Virtual Group, our sole mission is to give our pilots a fun and realistic place to fly. Now, with V Virtual Flight, pilots can access Checklists, Standard Operating Procedures, Aircraft Manuals, our PIREP Form and more strait from their device.


Date Milestone
Late August 2018 Idea
Early September 2018 Start of Development
December 2018 First Release Finished
Mid January 2019 Internal Testing by Staff Began
Early March 2019 App Gets Released to a Select few pilots for further testing
Mid to Late March 2019 App is released to all pilots
Early April 2019 App is released publicly on the Play Store
Mid to Late April 2019 App is released publicly on the App Store

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Hey there I am trying to apply via your website and it seems your website is down.