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Welcome Aboard the Virgin Virtual Group. But wait a second, which airline? When you choose to fly with the Virgin Virtual Group, you get the chance to rank up though 3 Virtual Airline Subsidiaries, and then you can go crazy in one of Virgin Galactic Virtual’s F22s or F/A-18s. Our mission is to provide our pilots with a fun, safe area and an awesome place to hang out, while climbing a super pilot-friendly rank structure.

We have a very capable staff team for all your needs, from training to general help, we can fulfill all your needs!

CEO @Trevor_A
COO @Velocity23
Chief Pilot @Knellered
Operations Manager @Corgi
Flight Manager @SteveSolo
Events Manager @Christopher_Coyne
Events Manager @Juan_Oosthuizen
ATC Manager

We pride ourselves on having a broad selection of routes for pilots to choose from. See them all here;

Our ranks are designed with you in mind. The idea is, as soon as you get sick of one aircraft, you’re on the verge of moving up to the next one! They can be found here.

If you’ve had a look through our thread and want to join already, that’s great! You can apply here, however we recommend looking through our website first. We hope to see you in our Slack soon!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, PM Us or use the live chat on our website.

KLAX-KDEN flight
[Finished]VGVA Presents "The Chrismtas Comet" - @KSFO 221500ZDEC2018
[Completed] VGVA 737 Celebration @YPPH- 092100ZDEC18
NonStop Virtual | Redevelopment/Staff Applications Open|
NonStop Virtual | Inspired by Lufthansa |
Finished | Sponsored By Qantas and Virgin Virtual | Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-142200ZAPR19
[Complete!] British Airways Virtual Presents: "A Presidential Farewell" @ EGLL - 022000ZMAR19
AFKLM, DLVA, & VGVA Celebrate 5 Years of Delta, Virgin Atlantic Partnership @ KJFK - 062000ZAPR19
Virgin Atlantic Virtual
Finished | Sponsored By Qantas and Virgin Virtual | Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-142200ZAPR19
[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club || Montebello Winter Fly-In Event @ Ottawa River - 271800ZJAN19 || Powered By LiveFlight
VGVA Australian Coastal Run @ YSSY-271800ZJAN19.
NonStop Virtual |Inspired by Lufthansa

Nice new thread! Our old one was no longer editable, so we were in need of this. Thanks to DeerCrusher and Danman for the help in making it.

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Nice thread guys!! Good luck!!


Looks like a very good and stable VA , good job!

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I just applied


I love the thread guys!!! Good luck in the skies!


As many of you may know, one of our subsidiaries is a Verbal ATC Division. As of current we are having little success with it, and we believe this is because of the fact that we use discord. We’re currently debating whether we should convert this to a Text ATC System (likely on Slack with a bot to aid), stick with discord, or move to Zello. We believe we’re the community’s VA, so we’re letting you decide. Which of these would make you want to join?

  • Use Text ATC (Slack)
  • Switch to Zello
  • Stick with Discord

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What are we telling you…first person to guess it right below can know👇😉 happy guessing


Coming to a Theater near you…oh I mean a phone near you

Couple more Checklist and our App is ready to launch


Check out our Latest Event

We celebrate the 737 this weekend


I just applied.

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We have hit the big 100

I personally cant beileve that we have officially hit 100 pilots in our VA. We have just welcomed 10 pilots yesterday which was very unexpected. We have become very active from once we first started. Since May of this year we were called Virgin America VA until we transitioned into Virgin Group VA just somewhere in August. Since that we have had many changes and built many great things to achieve this. We average about 11,000 messages a week and over 50 pictures a day. I would like to Thank the amazing staff here at VGVA as well as our active pilots who fly with us everyday. We hope everyone would like yo join us and countine us to grow as we look forward to 200.

Thank you IFC for your Support

Apply Here and Help us Reach 200!

VGVA, NSV, ASVA Present a Partnership Event @KMCO - 131600ZJAN2019

Wooooooooo yay!! 100 Pilots!


Amazing Achievement ❤️


Amazing accomplishment to my good good friends over at VGVA. Had a great time working with you guys, and glad to see the vA thriving. Keep up the great work and focus.


Thanks you @Captain_Millz and @CPL . I appreciate the kind words


Check out our Latest Event

We have put togther a huge 5 leg journey around the world which we are calling the Christmas Comet. We really hope you can join us in this fun


New Partnership

We’re glad to come to a partnership with our friends at Nonstop Virtual Airline! We’re happy to announce 20 new routes a month, along with joint events! VGVA Staff and Pilots can’t wait to see where this partnership will take us! We hope that you decide to join VGVA Today!

Apply Here on our Road to 200



Our Website will be down for an hour or so while I transfer our domain and upload a fresh looking website. I will update this message when I am done.

Welcome to the new Virgin Virtual Group Website!

We've completely revamped everything, but if you want the nitty gritties, here's the full list;



Great Internal Event with VGVA. We have group flights almost every day, our #group-flights channel on Slack is more active than our #off-topic one, and we have events at least once a week!

Sound Good?

Apply Now on our #RoadTo200