Virgin Virtual Group - Bringing you to the World - 2022 Official Thread

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Welcome to the VGVA Official IFC Thread. You’ll love us, but here’s why…

Since our founding in January of 2018 as Virgin America Virtual, the Virgin Virtual Group has continued to be an innovator in the Virtual Airline sector ever since. Our mission is to bring new, never before seen additions to the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline sector that pilots love.

We strive for realism while still creating an enjoyable environment for our pilots. We boast a truly worldwide route network, with pilots able to fly aircraft from Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Virgin Australia at every rank.

VGVA has also welcomed a new state-of-the-art Crew Center, custom made from scratch to give our pilots the best experience. Pilots can view their information, file PIREPs, find routes, view the Weekly Featured Routes and sign up for events - all in one easy to access place.

Best of all, here at VGVA our Crew Centre contains a feature known as - ACARS. ACARS stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System and allows pilots to log their flights quickly and easily. All they need to do is log onto the Crew HQ, Run ACARS using the big red button and enter some VGVA-specific details and their PIREP is filed. Information such as Departure, Arrival and Flight Time is all fetched from Infinite Flight.


Hey there my name is Robert and I am the Chief Executive Officer here at Virgin Virtual Group. my journey started here back in the early start of 2019 where I was a pilot myself. I then had the chance to apply for a staff position when one had opened up for Recruitment Manager after a few months my hard work had paid off and I was offered the position of HR Manager. I did not stop there and continued to provide ways on how we could improve our VA even more to benefit our Pilots as after all the Pilots are the ones who make the VA world what it is, during this time we said farewell to our CEO Kai at that point I was lucky enough to be offered the position of Chief Operations Officer which I held for a few months before the last CEO Jack had to move on. From there in August 2021 I took over the reigns as CEO and I truly have big shoes to fill as this VA would not be where it is without many of the current and former staff members that have helped create such an environment. I shall always be looking for ways to improve the VA for the Staff and the Pilots and I look forward to seeing you all join during your time in the world of Infinite Flight.

Our Team is what makes us who we are, and we are immensely proud of that.

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: @Robert_Thomas1
Hey there my name is Robert and I am the Chief Executive Officer here at Virgin Virtual group, I have been on IF quite some time now with no plans on leaving anytime soon. if you have any questions about my VA or would just like to fly feel free to message me always happy to chat.

Chief Operations Officer: @LR_Games_HD

Chief Pilot: @Knellered
Hi, I’m Knellered. Originally from London, England but now residing in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been with VGVA since 2017 (originally VXV) and have been a member of Staff since 2018. I likes Indian food, Ramen on Fridays and late 60’s Blue Note jazz. I make moving images in RL.

Pilot Experience Team

Human Resources Manager: @Ken_wei

Events Manager: @Cpt.Damboo60

Pilot Experience Manager:

Airbus A319 - Virgin America

The baby-bus operates in our Virgin America network throughout the US and Mexico and is accessible from the moment you join VGVA


Airbus A320 - Virgin America

The mighty A320 is the backbone of our Virgin America fleet and has a small regional presence in Western Australia with Virgin Australia. Both are accessible by First Officers (30hrs)


Airbus A321 - Virgin America

The A321 operates within our Virgin America network in the US and Mexico and is accessible from the rank of Senior First Officer (85hrs).

Airbus A330 - Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Australia

The Airbus A330 is part of the fleet of both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia and we provide pilots the opportunity to fly the former at Second Officer (0hrs) and the latter at Senior First Officer (85hrs).

Airbus A340 - Virgin Atlantic

The A340, part of our legacy fleet, was retired from Virgin Atlantic in 2019. Pilots can fly the A340 at the rank of Senior First Officer, at 205 hours.


Boeing 737-800 - Virgin Australia

The backbone of international aviation, the 737 operates all over the Pacific and can be flown by pilots at First Officer (30hrs) or higher.


Boeing 747-400 - Virgin Atlantic

The Queen of the Skies operates between the UK and the Caribbean among other routes. This unique aircraft is available at the rank of Captain (135hrs).


Boeing 767 - Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used to operate 3 Boeing 767s in their early days. To give our pilots the opportunity to fly this magnificent aircraft, it’s in our fleet and accessible by First Officers and above.

Boeing 777-300ER - Virgin Australia

The Boeing 777-300ER (77W) operates all Virgin Australia flights from the east coast of Australia to Los Angeles. The 77W is accessible at Senior First Officer - 85 hours.


Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The workhorse of the fleet, our 787 Dreamliner can take you everywhere from New York to Hong Kong. Pilots can fly the Dreamliner from the rank of Captain, at 135 hours.


Cessna Citation X

The Citation X is the private aviation sector in Infinite Flight and allows you to fly anywhere on our network from the rank of Senior Captain (205hrs).

Embraer 170

Did you know Virgin Australia formerly operated the Embraer ERJ-170? We did! That’s why it’s in our historic Virgin Australia fleet and accessible from the rank of Captain.

Embraer 190

Virgin Australia formerly operated the ERJ-190 too! It’s in our historic Virgin Australia fleet and accessible from the rank of Senior Captain.

The Virgin Virtual Group is proud to partner with various Virtual Airlines to provide some our unique route network to their pilots and to allow our pilots to fly part of their network through VGVA.

Alaska Virtual  Nonstop Virtual  Easyjet Virtual
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Coming to VGVA in 2022 is something similar to a program we had before, the Elevate Program gives pilots a new way to fly with us and our partners, and gain multipliers. Top Tier Pilots will Elevate through the Tiers while still working their way through our ranks. Pilots will receive the ability to claim higher multipliers on their flights as well as be awarded other opportunities within the VA.

When our Weekly Featured Routes (WFRs) are released each week, pilots gain a 2x multiplier for flying any of the routes that have been selected for that particular week. The best part about the WFR’s is that you can fly them regardless of what rank you are within the VA.

I’ve spent a lot of hours at Virgin Virtual and it never fails to impress me how many routes are accessible, with so many amazing routes all over the world I never get tired of flying for them, and with them in many occasions. The staff here are very kind, and definitely gave me and others a warm welcome when I first joined.
– Captain Scott

I really like Virgin group virtual airline, it’s all about community and that’s what makes the airline friendly and fun to fly for.
– Second Officer Oliver

Why Choose VGVA?

There’s no doubt that you have plenty of choice when choosing if and which VA to apply to, so why should you choose us?

At VGVA, we genuinely care about each and every one of our pilots and their enjoyment from the recruitment process to soaring up the ranks. We believe we have something to offer to everyone, whether it be a new experience for newer pilots flying in our group flights or flying a new airframe with new friends for the pilots who’ve been here for years, we want you to have the best possible experience while flying.

So what are you waiting for jump on board fasten your seatbelts and join us here at Virgin Virtual Group for your next adventure.


13 Years of Age or Older
Grade 2 or Higher
Ability to pass the Check Ride
No more than 15 violations in 1 year
No more than 2 ghostings in 1 year
Maximum 0.5 Violation/Landing Ratio
Access to Discord

Join Today


Nice looking thread!


Awesome thread gang! I’m glad to part of such a great VA.


Little bump love the VA

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Good Morning/Afternoon IFC,

Virgin Virtual Group would like to take the time to welcome @Captain_Piotr to the VGVA Staff Team as our very new Human Resources Manager.

Our new HR Manager comes with a large level of experience within the VA community and we couldn’t be more happy with the decision to make him apart of ours.

We would like to wish @Captain_Piotr the best during his time here as a member of the Staff team and look forward to seeing all the work he will put into this VA.

Robert T
CEO | Virgin Virtual Group


Thank you @mattrich Really appreciate it mate

CEO | Virgin Virtual Group


Thank you Jack, we’re glad you’ll always be apart of the VA

CEO | Virgin Virtual Group

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This VA seems interesting I’ll think about joining

Would love to join but since I will be joining ANVA and CXVA it will be hard keeping up

Hi there,

Our Activity requirements are made flexible for all members and that is why we only require a minimum 1 flight per month to be filed and if you fall behind don’t worry we won’t remove you straight away our HR Manager will reach out to you to make sure everything is alright and will offer you opportunities so you don’t get removed as that’s not what I’m about in the VA as I understand people do get busy in life.

If you’re still interested in joining feel free to submit that Application.

Kind regards
CEO | Virgin Virtual Group

Thanks for that! I will apply whenever I get my sub back since it’s almost gone now

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Good morning/afternoon IFC,

Due to the current busy lives affecting Staff members within the VA there has been a delay in processing Applications to join rest assured though that they are being looked at and we hope to have an answer to everyone within the next 48-72 hours.

Thank you for your patience,

Kind regards
Robert T
CEO | Virgin Virtual Group

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just joined and amazing post keep up the great work

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I applied but I’m still awaiting for you to contact me 😩

Same here. Also waiting for a reply

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I’m still awaiting a reply after this amount of time, I’ve even sent the CEO and coo a message through here but nothing @VirginGroupVA are you active?

I have waited about 3 days with no reply


I think they are busy and they are active


They have now accepted my application so they are active but they are very busy


Hi there :)

I just wanted to say Virgin Australia also operates the A320. Great VA Btw :)

Edit: According to @canton this is Virgin Australia regional which is based in Perth

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