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Oh ok, just to let you know I was not mad, just asking 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


VGVA Presents the Fly with a Friend Program!

From this point forward, no matter the day, pilots can gain extra flight time for every friend they fly with! Said friend(s) could be ATC or your wingman, or one of each! If you fly in a group of two, claim 2x flight time! If you fly with a group of three, 3x flight time for all of you!

Happy Flying!

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I’ll join now::))

I’ll join now


Stronger Together

We are proud to announce we are partnering with the fantastic Infinite Flight Hub for our events and training! Check them out!


Your Opinion Matters. Like, genuinely.

That’s why we’ve set up a super simple survey, to which you can fill out as few or many questions as you want, and can even opt into a reply from us via IFC Message or Email. Check it out!


👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ Pilots: 17

🛫🛬 Flights: 88

✈⌚ Hours: 3018:00

🗂📝 Applications Pending: 4

The VGVA Blog. Now a thing.

Our IT Department has been working hard to bring you a new blog which is truly a sight to be seen.

Check It Out!

Not to be competitive or anything…

We now have a leaderboard of how all our pilots are doing!

Care to Take a Look?


I’ve just applied for this VA. What happens from here?

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From here, our Recruitment Manager Josh Baez will see your application appear on the administration panel of the Crew Center. Once he’s reviewed it and verified you meet the requirements, you’ll received an email with a link to our exam. Once you’ve completed the exam just reply to the email with a screenshot of your results. If you pass, you’ll receive another email with the link to Slack and you’ll be able to log into the CC. If you do not pass, you’ll be able to retake in one week.

Hope this helps!


OK, thx for your help

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Do you still need a EM because I would love to be in !

No sorry, our partnership with IFHUB covers that, but thanks for your interest!



Join us as we head from Sydney to Brisbane while listening to a Classic Aussie Song.

“When my mates all ask me the place that I adore, I tell them right away. Give me a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees”

Check it out!



Applied today can’t wait to get started

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How do I apply? It says that I can’t because of a new crew center… Can level 2’s apply? Will there be training server events?

Asked and answered, we are working to move to a new CC and cannot accept applications at this time.

Grade 2 pilots are not permitted to apply, no

All our events are held on the Expert Server as we require Grade 3 for entry

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Okay, thank you!


Looking really good mate! I have also sent you a PM.

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