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In just under 2 years of operation, a lot has changed at VGVA. We’ve undergone a rebrand from Virgin America Virtual to Virgin Virtual Group, we’ve changed from a Crew Center to Airtable and back again, and as of December 2019 we’ve completely redone our VA, from top to bottom. Anyway we are back!

Virgin Virtual Group is a IFVARB approved Virtual airline based on the real world airlines. Here at Virgin Virtual Group we incorporate three airlines under on banner including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Virgin Australia. With a amazingly supportive community we are able to uphold all operations as well as remain professional in every aspect. With a amazing team here we are working relentlessly around the clock to meet needs of the pilots and the community. Here we aim to awake your curiosity and discover things and places that are totally new to you. We do not only offer you a professional approach about everything we do ranging to our new career mode launching soon, we also offer a fun approach and a thrilling experience with events, group flights and just communications in general.

We fly an extensive network of routes globally, from our Virgin Atlantic international routes based from the UK with destinations to the USA, Caribbean, Africa & Asia, to a huge domestic network in Australia and the South Pacific, to Virgin America’s domestic network within continental United States. In addition, since the purchase of Flybe in early 2019 we now also offer a secondary regional network for the UK & Europe that adds an additional 210 routes across 15 countries.

So wherever you want to fly in the world, we have you covered with hubs at EGCC, EGKK, EGLL, NZAA, YBBN, YMML and YSSY.

Here we provide 1545 mainline routes to date, all based off real life Virgin Group Airlines routes, as well many many more codeshare routes with three other Virtual Airlines as well as subsidiary routes with Flybe and Tigerair Australia. With 22 types of aircraft to fly in total and a whole load of routes we can take you to every corner of the globe, while having a simple and easy to use crew center with phpVMS that offers a professional approach to flight logging as well as allowing you to find flights simply.

At VGVA, we offer two unique ways to fly.
Classic mode is the signature Virtual Airline experience many pilots have come to know and love. Pilots are promoted up ranks automatically based on hours and you are governed on what airframes you can fly based on rank. However, we couldn’t hand this to you the same way as everyone else could we? Our Classic Mode rank structure is designed to give you a long haul and short haul aircraft at each rank allowing you to fly flexibly while still working your way to more exciting aircraft such as the Queen of the Skies the 747.
We now also offer a career mode to those who take aviation seriously or to those are looking for a realistic approach. But this is not any career mode. Thanks to the amazing support of former staff member and current Virgin Atlantic Pilot on the A350, Chris Coyne (@Christopher_Coyne) we are able to offer you the most realistic career mode Infinite Flight has ever seen. With aircraft logbooks, aircraft cycles, jumpseat tickets, a manual promotion rank structure with promotional training and an elite pilot academy which is also available to classic mode pilots.

What Steps are involved in Career Mode?

1. Virtual Private Pilot License (Required for Grade 1 and 2)
2. Virtual Commercial Pilot License (Required for Grade 1 and 2, recommended for all pilots)
3. Virtual Air Transport Pilot License & Multi Crew Pilot License (Required for All Pilots)
4. Day-to-Day Airline Operation

Career Mode Ranking

Pilots have the ability to request a aircraft to fly and even cross qualify if they meet the requirements. Pilots who embark on a career mode journey will exclusively fly their allocated aircraft unless they transfer through promotional training or a request. Pilots will be promoted between aircraft (e.g.S/O on the A330 to F/O on the 747) or they may request a transfer with no promotion (e.g. F/O on the 789 to F/O on the A340) if they are ranked as a First Officer or higher. We also have a world class pilot academy to teach our promotion candidates the skills of the trade, including everything from SIDs and STARs to Hand Planning a Flight.

Here at VGVA we have a very capable and extremely dedicated staff team that are very dedicated to what they do. Every staff member will always ensure you have the upmost pleasant experience in the VA as well as make sure you maintain the respect that is needed to prosper and upmost professionalism whilst flying in the community.

The Team
IFC Name Role
@Velocity23 CEO
@CaptainDixon COO
@Knellered Chief Pilot
@Jack_Q Chief Careers Officer
@Ravager41 Events Director
Vacant Recruitment Manager
Vacant Events Manager
Vacant Head of Training
Vacant Pilot Trainer
Vacant Pilot Trainer

If you are interested in becoming a staff member to fill in one of the vacant positions please apply here

This is for Classic Mode only.

Rank Hours
Second Officer 0
First Officer 75
Senior First Officer 200
Captain 350
Senior Captain 450

Special Awards:
For both modes

Award Hours
Maiden Voyager Badge 1000hrs+
V Best Badge 1500hrs+
The Branson Badge 3000hrs +

Here at VGVA we value our partnerships as with them we can discover parts of the world that would not be available to us so we thank them massively for this.

NonStop Virtual
TUI Virtual
Alaska Virtual
easyJet Virtual
Flybe/Virgin Connect (No VA)
Tigerair Australia (No VA)

Hey there! I can’t put it into words how proud i feel to be COO at VGVA. It gives me and the team endless pleasure to see new people come and embark on a fun filled journey where you will make many friendships and learn many new things. I can personally tell you all how amazing the Virtual Airline is as for me Virgin Virtual Group was the first ever Virtual Airline I joined and there was me not knowing much about aviation at all as well as the amazing community we have today. And now i am thrilled to say due to @Trevor_A @Velocity23 and @Knellered i am where i am today due their hard work and dedication that has got me here. Although some Staff members have sadly moved on i am very proud to say I put my all in as well as all the other staff to help you settle in and grow in this amazing VA just like I experienced along the way.

(From Captain Dixon - Virgin Virtual Group COO)


Hello There! A beautiful person belonging to the hominid species…
Yes!I am Talking about VGVA i.e Virgin Virtual … we can proudly claim ourselves to be one of the most wide networked VA in Infinite Flight
The routes selection makes sure the pilots are most definitely not bored
Want to take a Bath in the sunny beaches Of Gold Coast ? Enjoy our regular flights from Sydney to Gold coast in the ever wonderful B737-800,thanks to our fellow Virgin Australia!
Want to go explore the SoCal wonderlands?
Enjoy our routes from LA to several regional hubs all thanks to our sister Virgin America
Oops!Almost forgot about our homebase!
Flybe (Now Virgin Connect) has extensive networks spanning throughout the British isles
Yes! You heard it right… all the way from Southampton to Edinburgh!
Want to do transatlantic hops in iconic aircraft like the dreamliners or a340 ? We sure can do that … thanks to Virgin Atlantic!
Although in the stage of a major revamp for a quite a while… we can promise you this, you will always find somewhere to fly or someone to talk to in Virgin Virtual !
We are Virgin Virtual! In Connectivity, we Trust !

(From one of our pilots who have stuck with us along the rework - VGVA4489)


I first joined Virgin Virtual Group back in October 2018, when it was called Virgin Group Virtual Airlines, my first impression was that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of routes the va had to offer! I quickly found myself rising through the ranks, flying long hauls for Virgin Atlantic almost every night. I even served as Social media manager for some time. The staff team have put in an awful lot of effort to get this va to where it is today, and I would recommend joining to anyone who is interested in a route database which can take you all over the globe, and a diverse fleet from the DH8D to the 744!

(From one of our most experienced pilots - VGVA35)

We are now accepting crew applications! Check out the requirements below to see if you could be our newest pilot.

Requirements - Classic Mode
Grade 3 or Higher
Good Standing within the IFC
Age 13 or older
Ability to pass the entrance exam
No more than 15 violations in 1 year
No more than 2 ghostings in 1 year
Be part of no more than 4 other VAs
Ability to file a PIREP every 85 days at minimum
By completing the application found below you agree that you meet these requirements.

Requirements - Career Mode
Good Standing within the IFC
Age 13 or older
Ability to pass the entrance exam

It does not matter to us whether you are an Infinite Flight Veteran or new to the community, you will be welcome in our VA either way. After applying, a member of our staff will message you here on the IFC with the link to the entrance exam. The pass mark is 85%, but don’t worry, it should be a breeze provided you know realistic and courteous procedures. Once you pass, simply send a screenshot to your recruiter and they will accept your registration and you will receive an email with an invite to our Slack.

Crew Application

Why Choose Us?
  1. We offer two ways to fly with our VA. In Career Mode, you can expect the utmost realism. In fact, we love the most realistic career mode of the VA, with realistic aircraft cycles, ranking systems and more. In Classic Mode, you can fly in a lot more of a relaxed style, but equally fun. In Standard mode there’s no need to fly a realistic aircraft cycle, sign the aircraft out and the like, just fun flying. All pilots may take part in group flights.

  2. Even if career mode isn’t your thing, there’s still various ranks and award schemes to work your way to.

  3. Explore the world with our amazingly diverse group flights that don’t just take you on lesser known routes, but also off our network to enjoy somewhere you’d otherwise might never have experienced.

  4. Our fleet is one of the largest of any Infinite Flight Virtual Airline. It covers all three Virgin Airlines plus the Flybe fleet and now Tigerair Australia.

  5. For those who like to take realism to the next level, we offer our pilots extensive aircraft guides with no lack of specifications and parking spots throughout our network.

Apply Here!


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What a thread! Looking forward to seeing you guys progress into the future!


Amazing thread! I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful VA.


Great thread and glad to see Virgin Virtual Group in determined activity! 👍


Congrats @Velocity23 you’ll make a incredible CEO, keep going VGVA! 💪


Thank you everyone for your kind words

– V23


Welcome back and amazing thread!

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Those graphics scream at me and so does that website. Looks awesome. :)


You can thank our incredible Chief Pilot @Knellered for that, we agree he does an amazing job.


Love the new thread!

May I rejoin since I do not know what happened?

I couldn’t find the group.

Of course! In early November we posted a form in our Slack to transfer to the new Slack, and everyone who filled that out was invited to our new Slack. As you didn’t fill out that form unfortunately you will need to reapply and go through the full application process. Let us know if you have any questions.

– V23

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Oh ok. Yeah sorry if I did not fill out the form since I was inactive with the permision from Trevor.

But yeah, thank you for letting me back in!

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Amazing thread guys! Welcome back. I just applied😃


Incredible thread guys, so colourful and amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you guys produce in the future!! 🎉🎉🎉


Yes I just registered! Thank you guys.


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Oh nice ! Welcome back , neat thread 👏



After 15 days from recommencing recruitment operations, we’re so pleased with the support we’ve been given, and we’re already looking to improve on our recruitment process. For now though, here are some stats.

👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ Pilots: 36

🛫🛬 Flights: 46

✈⌚ Hours: 256.00

🗂📝 Applications Pending: 8

Thank you everyone for your support. To pilots who have applied, please check your messages for a DM from this account with a link to your exams.

Blue skies and a tailwind!


Lots of things are happening!

Recruitment Update

Please note the following changes to our pilot requirements, effective immediately.

Career Mode Update

Due to disorganization on our behalf, our career mode is temporarily not operating. Career Mode pilots have been given the option of flying classic mode routes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Staff Applications

Staff Applications remain open for Recruitment Manager, Events Manager, Head of Training and two pilot trainers.

Apply Here

Instagram Fill in the Blanks

Recently we posted a fill in the blanks on our Instagram Story which can now be found in our highlights. Simply fill in the blank and tag @virginvirtual_if to be featured on our Story!

Check it Out

Enjoy What’s Left of the Weekend!

Blue Skies and a Tailwind from all of us at VGVA!


Awesome looking thread! You guys have some of the most beautiful liveries in IF! Way to go!