Virgin Nigeria 767-300

Virgin Nigeria was a Nigerian Airline partly owned by Virgin Group that was founded in 2004. In 2009, Virgin group sold their 49% share in the company, and the airline was rebranded as air Nigeria. Finally, however, it went out of business in 2012. I particularly like the final Virgin Nigeria livery on the 767. Tell me what you think!

It would be nice if it came, but i am just not liking the green.

How many subsidiaries does Virgin have? Jesus…


The greeen honestly doesn’t look to nice imo.

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63 As of today (not including Virgin America)

This has to be the best looking Virgin Nigeria livery. Nice!


This reminds me of the good old days while I was still a child. Would love to see the livery in the game though

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It would have been nicer if the tail was green with the Virgin logo.

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Virgin Nigeria…what made Richard Branson so intrigued in forming airlines from America to Australia to Nigeria?

Regardless, it is quite a livery. Would be interesting to see in Infinite Flight.