Virgin Group VA-FIJI Flying @ YSSY - 241800ZNOV18 [Landing]


Welcome to another Virgin Group VA event

VGVA Fiji Flying in the Pacific

Welcome to some beatuiful beach and island flying. We are glad to present you with a beautiful route today from busy Sydney to the bestufuil beaches of Nadi,Fiji. This exciting flight will take us on the real life Virgin Australia route from YSSY to NFFN.

We hope you can join us as we soar over the Pacific to enjoy some awesome scenery and airports that Infinite Flight has to offer

Server- Training Server [TS1]

Aircraft- Boeing 737-800 (Generic Livery)

Depature Airport- YSSY Sydney,Australia

Depature Time- 1800Z
November 24, 2018 6:00 PM

Arrival Airport- NFFN Nadi,Fiji

Arrival Time- 2220Z
November 24, 2018 10:20 PM

Flight Time- 4hr 20mins


Depature Details

Climb Details

Planned Depature Runway: 34L
Scheduled Depature Time 1810Z


Cruise Details

Cruise Speed- Mach .85
Cruise Altitude- FL370

Please Maintain 5 to 10nm separation at cruise


Arrival Details

Decent Details

Below FL100
Airspeed MAX 240 Knots
Please follow all ATC instructions and please keep a minimum of 5nm and 1000ft of separation

Planned Arrival Runway 09
Scheduld Arrival Time- 2210Z

Flight Details

Flight Plan


Planned Fuel- 14,155 kg
Aircraft Weight- Pilot Descrition

  • Please Spawn in 10-15 mins before depature

  • Maintain 5-10nm of separation at all parts of flight

  • Please follow any VGVA Staff member instructions

  • Planned Flight Plan is subject to change

Gate Assigments

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 2-01 @Trevor_A VGVACEO
Gate 2-02 @Knellered Virgin 3
Gate 2-03 @Captain_Millz Virgin 4
Gate 2-04 @LouiePeach Virgin 8
Gate 2-05 @Klax.aviation Virgin 5
Gate 2-06 @Christopher_Coyne Virgin 7
Gate 2-07 @Louis Virgin 4001
Gate 2-08 @Don_king Virgin 9
Gate 2-09 @Cwilliams21 Virgin 109
Gate 2-10 @Jayy Virgin 369
Gate 2-12 @Trey_Joshua_Pearson Virgin 3699
Gate 2-13 @Ecyty Virgin 46
Gate 2-14 @Victor2 Virgin
Gate 2-15 @Juan_Oosthuizen Virgin 44
Gate 2-16 @FireFuzzBall Virgin 23
Gate 2-17 @indraniel Virgin
Gate 2-18 @Alex_Everything Virgin 21
Gate 2-19 @AlaskaAirfireball111 SUB7FLY
Gate 2-20 @ET_Mavic Virgin 180

More gates will be added if needed


ATC Postions
Postion Contoller
YSSY Ground @Rishon_R
YSSY Tower @Rishon_R
YSSY Depature @Pilotcorn09
NFFN Ground @Rishon_R
NFFN Tower @Rishon_R
NFFN Approach @Pilotcorn09

How to Request a Gate

Gate Wanted
Callsign Wanted
(Example: Virgin xxx)

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We are made up of three VAs. Virgin America,Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic. With these three airlines in out inventory we have over 200 routes and 7 different planes to have you choose from. We also can guarantee you that we wont disappoint when it comes to fun and flying together with group flights every day

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Virgin Virtual Group - Now at 70 Pilots

Glad to be able to attend this awesome event with Virgin Group VA


@Louis you have been assigned Gate 2-07


Hi @VirginGroupVA

Great event layout, just a thing to point out:

The flight plan that you have provided is not an IF-compatible flight plan. I do not recommend using SkyVector for IF since we do not currently have airways in Infinite Flight as well as missing waypoints.

The flight plan you provided comes up as this in Infinite Flight:

(Ignore the regions, this is my secondary IF account in which I don’t have IF Pro)

I recommend using in accordance with to make your IF flight plans.
Using I generated this flight plan inside IF:


YSSY 3347S/15144E SHAZA 3254S/15338E 3224S/15441E 3101S/15724E 2750S/16300E VIRAR PUPEX 1853S/17551E TEPEK 1739S/17724E NFFN

Just letting you know that the flight plan you provided doesn’t work, so I have provided you with a better one!


Thanks for letting us know as we try and use real life FPLs and we must have mixed up a couple of waypoints.



Strange, I used simbrief to plan it!


I will go away and try another one!


Use to convert the SimBrief plan to an IF-compatible plan


@Christopher_Coyne @BennyBoy

FPL has been fixed to match the FPL qe originally wanted thanks for letting us know

For more Info PM Me Please


I won’t be using that site again. It analysed it for me and came up with a genuine Virgin OZ route!


Sign me up. Virgin 8


Hey just to make you aware that it should be please instead of Pleaee

Btw,Nice event thread😉


Got you down at Gate 2-08. Thanks for Joining!


@VirginGroupVA could I please have gate 2-09 Virgin 109


Of course you can, thanks for joining


Thanks love these Australian flights


So do we, that why we hope Virgin Australia 737 pops up😉


I am hoping for the same thing it would be so nice to use


I will do ground and tower for both


Got it I’ll put you down for both