Virgin Galactic "Cosmic Girl" Livery B747-400


Beautiful livery! That would be awesome to see and / or fly on Infinite Flight.

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There is a missile under the wing. I’m scared.

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I think their rockets to allow it to get to near-space.

A space missile… Hmm. What has this world come to?! ;)

Anyway, does this livery exist?

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I believe they have the plane but it hasn’t gone to space.

It’s a rocket sent into space - read more here

I know it was a rocket. I was being melodramatic saying it was a missile.

I really like this livery. It would be nice in my opinion if we could have it as a separate aircraft with the rocket attached (like the SOFIA and SCA) instead of just having the livery

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Its going to be a mothership, just like the B-52 was to the X-15

Is this livery for girls? Where are the girls on Infinite Flight? 🙈🤘🏼

What gives you that idea? Cosmic Girl is its name, and yes there are girls here.


👍🏼👍🏼 little joke.🙈🙈🙈

Like @elisua and @pilot8

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HEY !! I’m a boy for your information😬


Noooo, on Slack you aren’t

Nice. Please add this ok IF

I like this so futuristic looking. And it’s Virgin Galactic not America, Australia, or Atlantic. Virgin is one company that is going to new heights.

This is awesome, they’ll be converting one of Virgins old planes into this!