Virgin Blue ERJ-170

The Virgin Australia (formerly known Virgin Blue) ERJ-170 would be another great Australian addition. I’d love to see and fly the older Virgin Blue livery on Infinite Flight. What do you think of this historic livery?



This could come along with the Virgin Australia livery! Great idea ;)


I’m quite surprised Virgin’s compeditor posted this 😂😂😂 I like it a lot, would have to be one of my favourites of Virgins’s old fleet, would love to fly it, beautiful

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Yes thanks


Just because we’re a competitor of the virtual airline doesn’t mean we don’t think more airlines/liveries from Australia should be added to Infinite Flight. ;)

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I’m sure this is the motto of nearly all Aussies over here 😇


You’d be making a pretty accurate statement there!

Yes! I love this livery.

Give it to me

This is like wine and ginger beer

Really hope for this (as well as the multiple other virgin blue/Australia liveries we have requested)

The color scheme is amazing! Never heard of this airline though:)

Lol, chuck a snag on the barbie mate