Virgin Blue Boeing 737-700 (50th Aircraft Special Livery)

To be more specific show more love for Australia and add this virgin blue (and I mean blue) 737-700image


Do they even still operate?

They did until May 2015

Now Virgin Australia operates some (under a new name) but they are mostly 738’s now

Sydnney Region wished more Australia 737 liveries.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Love this livery, just a little history for everyone. It was the original livery before the red and now white Virgin.

Sadly changed that wonderful name.

A: Apparently one or two are still floating around but to this day I think there grounded.


I will say this. They were very fun to see at YMML because of the colour.

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VA only operate 2 737-700s

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Theyre not grounded i saw one in january at YSSY boarding with passengers idk where it was going though

And the original livery was completely red

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Yes, Virgin blue was renamed Virgin Australia, and mostly use 738’s. I’ve flown with them many times. Both now and when they were virgin blue, (I preferred the old livery)

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Noooo the new livery is beautiful the old one was outdated their new one is perfect


Oceans and sky…True Blue! Nice…

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This looks a lot better than their old livery!

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I remember flying on one of these to Melbourne when I was 4

Is virgin blue and virgin Australia different airlines

Virgin blue was rebranded as virgin Australia in 2011

That’s what I thought

This is the old livery. It is the 50th aircraft special version.

Oh. Well the old one looks better then.

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