Virgin Blue 737-800 "Gillette M Power" livery

One of Virgin Blue’s old special liveries, thought it might be a interesting addition in the future


Looks good. We definitely need more Australian liveries for global.

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I’ve seen this, don’t really want the advertising on it. The Virgin Blue livery looks like advertising on its own (with the phone number).


Yeah, quite true.

Amazing livery

It’s ok in my opinion I’m not a big of fan of all the colors on it . Doesn’t really fit together

Nice livery!

I like this. It would be better without the advertising though

WOW. That is amazing

Looks Good!

This aircraft looks awesome :)

Oooo yes please :)

The old Virgin writing looks so scribbly 😖


so… your saying you want a plane with a shaving razor on it?

It would look a lot nicer without the Gillette logo and the razor. The black fuselage with the green lines.

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Holy … this is an amazing livery! If I weren’t all out 'o likes I’d like it

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it is so dated, hate the old virign logo.

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I love this livery and I also recommend the Pacific Blue livery as a topic

Don’t like it either cuz, it reminds my of a shaved face. lol