Virgin Australia


This is a Virgin Australia plane. I’ve been on a flight from LAX to BNE(or Las Angles to Brisbane) It is a very good airline too


You should post the picture instead of the link.


Sorry this is my first post

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It’s ok! Welcome to the forums! :)

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las angles is spelt los angles

I said that


anyway, they don’t fly 737s to LAX.

I know I was in a rush and I for some reason got Los Angeles with Las Vegas

And that 737 was an example

No, it’s spelled Los Angeles.
Anyway I’m looking forward to the picture.

Sorry everybody but I only know how to do a link. I am super sorry

Is the image saved to your device?

Yes I have it saved to my phone

Ah okay to display here it just press the upload button and select the image

Thank you very much

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Beautiful! we all had difficulties on our first day in the community dont worry its totally normal:) welcome to the Community Capt.Vlad!

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Thank you very much Bruno

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