Virgin Australia VA749 Flight Review

I recently flew with Virgin Australia from Melbourne (YMML) to The Gold Coast (YBCG) on their Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Even though the flight was only 2 hours it was one of the worst flights I had ever been on, even compared to 23+ hours of travelling back to Scotland.

Firstly, the flight was delayed at the gate in Melbourne due to the late inbound flight but after an extra 30 minutes of waiting, and lining up at the gate no announcement was made to let us know the reason for the delay. I understand there isn’t much you can do, but you could of at least let us know what was going on.

Originally before the delay we where meant to begin boarding at 2:50pm and was set to depart at 3:20 but boarding didn’t even begin until 3:20 so we had missed our take-off slot. We then got set a new take-off slot at 3:40 but guess what…we missed that one as well.

As we begun taxing to the runway we got an announcement from the captain stating that we where number 11 for take-off and we should be at least another 25 minutes on the ground, which we where.

After all that we finally took off to experience the worst turbulence I have ever experienced on a flight in my life as well. Obviously no one could help it.

Overall Ratings
Customer Service: 8/10
Timeliness: 6/10
Comfort: 7/10
Overall: 21/30


Atleast you got to see more planes?


Haha very good point, though. My very first time seeing the Cathay Pacific A350 IRL. It was awesome!


How were the snacks?

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Ah man the delay must have really sucked, good thing your flight wasn’t canceled.

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Yeah a lot of flights where getting cancelled due to a storm in Melbourne, and most of them where around our departure time. We where really lucky that we got out.


Due to the turbulence they weren’t serving any tea or coffee but that didn’t bother me much because I don’t drink either of them. For a choice of complementary it was water or orange juice and then you would have to buy the rest.
They also gave you a little biscuit/cookie thing and you would have to buy the rest of the things. So it was ok, but not really the best.

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You sure make it sound delicious! Anyways glad you could share your terrible experiences with us and hope I can hear another flight review from you soon, have a happy new year

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I know that feeling, that’s why I Fly Air NZ now. Last time, I went on their 787 we were delayed ~45mins, but they let us know that their was a full electrical failure and the technicians were fixing it. (Not to lie it made be a bit nervous about my flight but whatever)

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You too mate! Have an awesome new years mate! Have an awesome time!

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Yes, I see them when I’m at Auckland, they’re amazing aren’t they, that’s why i like my flights to be delayed 😂

Yeah it would make me nervous too. But at least you got to where you were going safely.

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Very nice review on your flight

You can’t blame the airline for bad weather and delays due to other airplane traffic. That is beyond their control.

I wasn’t blaming them for the turbulence or the late inbound. I was just saying instead of having us standing there for 30+ minutes not knowing what is going on, they should of at least made an announcement and let us know what was happening!

Thank-you, your feedback is appreciated!

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21/30 sounds generous after that s***** experience…

Yeah I know haha, but I basically just added the 10 out of 10 reviews together to get the total score.

Does Virgin Australia have yelp? You could rate your experience and review there

Not too sure, will have a look though! Thanks for letting me know about that!

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