Virgin Australia to Permanently Suspend Widebody Service in Favour of Local Services

The title basically says it all. Virgin Australia will dispose of its widebody fleet to focus on local services (domestic and trans-Tasman would be my guess).

This is a paradigm shift of Virgin Australia’s strategy, but not a surprise as long-haul operations are capital-intensive with little reward especially in the highly-competitive marketplaces Virgin Australia competes in.


Oh wow! Interesting!

I hope they’ll still be flying the widebody aircraft in the future!

It sounds pretty permanent from the sounds of the article. It may be able to buy another wide body fleet at some point in the future, but that would be a few years off at least.


Seems like a good move. The long haul sector seems like it’s going to take much longer then domestic or short haul routes to recover. Hopefully we will see the Virgin Australia 77W in the skies one day !

Not really surprised cause if I know the routes they on,y flew Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane to Los Angeles

No more Virgin Australia 77W’s at LAX :(

I think they mostly came from Melbourne

Daily services from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Flew them in April 2019 from LA-Sydney-Melbourne-LA, will certainly miss it. Their product on the 77W was awesome.


As an Aussie, it’s such a shame to see this. I’ve flown on Virgin Australia personally and they’re a great airline and certainly have a lot of potential under the right management and operation strategy.


Rip Virgin Australia 77W, hope to see it back in the sky soon :(

Byt he time they recover sufficiently, they are probably going to be looking at either second-hand A350s or whatever comes after the A350/777X generation of long-haul aircraft.


Virgin Australia has been evaluating the 787 or A350 for a while to simplify its long-haul fleet by the mid-2020s. This was just before COVID hit and a few months before administration, but with the new plan under Bain Capital they’re still aiming for a new widebody type once international demand recovers.

“We do think it will be a very slow recovery in the international sector,” Scurrah says – and by the time it’s bounced back, he intends to have an all-new international fleet, with Boeing 787 Dreamliners previously earmarked for both Asia and the USA.

I don’t think this is officially confirmed, but Virgin Australia has been hinting at the 787 recently.

There should be several available 787s out in the market with Royal Air Maroc supposedly getting rid of four and the rumor that Thai Airways’ restructuring plan will reject leases on its eight 787s.


No more Tokyo Route I guess 😣

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For now. They said they’re “suspending” Tokyo until sufficient demand returns.

It’ll be interesting to see how long that takes and if their Haneda slot allocation gets revoked, forcing them to fly to Narita instead.

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Virgin Australia can afford to wait at this point in time. There is no need for them to rush into anything especially when there is probably a excess of second-hand aircraft hitting the market. 787s would be a good choice for their operations especially if they want to do long-haul premium leisure traffic.


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