Virgin Australia to introduce Hong Kong

Virgin Australia has announced that they will start flying to Hong Kong mid year. The first city served is expected to be from Melbourne with Sydney soon after.

Currently the market is controlled by the 2 Oneworld carriers, Qantas and Cathay Pacific. Virgin Australia group CEO Borghetti says

“We intend to break that duopoly and bring competition from the price side but also from the product side”

They will roster one of their A330’s to fly the route.

Since VA is part of the HNA group, they will be partners with Hong Kong Airlines. Business Class passengers will be able to use the Bauhinia lounge.

With this, VA is expecting to launch more routes into China but maybe not Beijing, but with Hong Kong Airlines having slots to mainland china, codesharing is expecting for now.

Personally I am looking forward to seeing another Aussie carrier in Hong Kong. Hopefully this works for them. If it does Im sure Sydney and Perth could easily be next.

Link to article (AUSBT)


@Louis here you go;)

Nice! All the airlines are expanding to more Asian destinations. Virgin to Hong Kong, Jetstar to Ho Chi Minh City, Qantas to Beijing…


Can’t Virgin only fly 7 frequencies a week from one major australia city out of BNE, MEL, PER or SYD. I don’t think they can fly from two cities if they want to introduce flights to mainland china (PEK, PVG etc)?

Go Virgin! Qantas should be a little worried now…


That’s just the data.
If that’s in fact true, then it definetly doesn’t make sense.
However, seats re not money.
For example, if a VA A332 flies 3 Perth-Sydney for every Sudney-HK, but the tickets are 4 times more expensive than Perth-Sydney… then it’s worth it.

To shae, I agree with you on that

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