Virgin Australia flies record 20hrs to Brisbane

Virgin Australia, on the brink of collapse and Australia’s second-largest airline. The airline has suspended it’s international flights due to the virus however it should be noted that repatriation flights are aplenty right now which have led to some pretty remarkable flights such as Virgin Australia’s.

19hrs and 43min, that’s longer than it takes to fly over 1 million baguettes arranged end to end, it’s also the flight time of Virgin Australia’s repatriation flight from Paris to Brisbane. Their 777-300ER which is mainly used for transpacific routes between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles was to repatriate French citizens from New Zealand back to Paris, a task Air New Zealand or Air France wasn’t up to. The Aussies, unlike the crazy Texans, came to rescue, operating their fully loaded 11-year-old 777-300ER VH-VPD from Auckland to Paris via Hong Kong, on the way back however the empty aircraft flew back to their base of Brisbane non-stop. The 777 left Paris with 144 tonnes of fuel, only 6 remained after landing in the Queensland capital, it was a journey of 18,209km, the longest Virgin Australia non stop flight ever. This good publicity comes as a much-needed boost as the airline faces serious money problems.

The aircraft, a 777-300ER equipped with GE90-155B engines was ordered by Virgin Blue in 2009 for its then subsidy V Australia, it operated its first revenue flight as VA1 from Sydney to Los Angeles. In 2011 it was transferred to Virgin Australia, named “Avalon Beach” and has been operating trips across the Pacific without any crazy Texans or incidents ever since

Those Texas jokes were purely tongue in cheek, no actual offence intended

VH-VPD during takeoff image credit


I always thought Virgin Australia had a cool livery


Wow. Pushing the limits of the 77w.


Aussie tongue in cheek humour ;)

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Spontaneous flight inspiration - after seeing this I set off from Paris 20 mins ago to give this a try (Velocity 9941). We’ll see how it turns out :-)

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I’m going to have to try this in IF. May I also remind you that there are now more Texans than Aussies on this thread 😉

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As a Texan I can confirm there are some of us who are a little… erratic


Not all of us, but some. Definitely some.

That is cool and I will try that some day!

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Wow, that’s interesting. 20 hours.

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Wut? Anyways awesome story :)


thanks for quoting me!!!


Best picture ever 😂


Americans will use anything but the metric system

Just for the record, the US Military uses the Metric system.

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Thank you bill, Very kool

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But still most Americans dont use the Metric System

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Social Distancing in America:

Stay one turkey spread apart

2 washing machines away

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3 50 Cals away

Stay one-and-one-tenth times as tall as Napoleon apart.

Stay about nine-tenths as tall as Michael Jordan away.

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Stay 15 big mac’s away