Virgin Australia chasing down Qantas in Asia expansion

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Lately Qantas has resumed their flights to Beijing. Although Qantas is an airline that should not be compared to a low level Virgin Australia, but in a case like this they are being compared closely. Virgin Australia launches A330s to operate the route to Hong Kong which is currently dominated by Qantas and Cathay Pacific on flights from Sydney and Melbourne. Although because Virgin Australia usually changes their routes, the Hong Kong route may not even happen. Few years ago Virgin Australia had an opportunity to fly from Australia to Beijing and Shanghai. But the idea was rejected. Couple years later Virgin comes back and still has not decided with the route. While Qantas, expanding worldwide without many problems.

Who do you think will have more passengers onboard the routes to Hong Kong? Qantas or Virgin Australia?

Source: Virgin Australia launches flights to Hong Kong, unveils tie-up with Chinese carriers

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