Virgin Australia | CDG-BNE | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
What an accomplishment. Longest flight I have ever done in infinite flight. According to the VA, Virgin Australia operated this route as a repatriation flight, so that’s pretty cool! This flight was a whopping 19 hours and 30 minutes!
Server: Expert

Callsign: VGVACOO
The photos are ready!
Heavy takeoff from Paris Charles de Gaulle

Thick jet climbing

Flying over the alps?

Meal time!



Sleepy time

Breakfast time

Flying over a vast dessert - I think the outback?

I was 100% sure I wasn’t going to be able to make it, due to my device not being able to handle such long flights. But we made it!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Wow, quite an impressive feat! I’m definitely going to take advantage of flying some of these repatriation flights this summer!

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Yeah same. My school ends tomorrow so i will have a lot more time.


Wow that’s one unique route. Love the pictures man ! :)

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I got one more week😕

That’s cool. But if i was doing a long flight i would probably try to take advantage of the hubs.

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The people who recognize the airport initials see this in the title and go like “is this for real?” because Paris to Brisbane is almost half way around the globe

That’s a big oof.

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I don’t know, we’re you?

Cool photos 😝

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Lovely Pics Jack! 👌🏽

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Those are great picshers!

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Very nice!!!

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Nice picture, i liked the 2nd picture

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Its one r mate, you shouldn’t have dessert after breakfast

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Yes we did!

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It looks so cool and did you do a non stop flight.
Im Flying to Auckland from London Heathrow with BA 777-200er about 23 hours of flight doing a refuling in Hong Kong its probably intense for you.


Hey i just saw your post @Rand1 and would like to welcome you to the comunity!

Hi thank you so.much I actually am on the community with a other Email for a year and a half now I.made a new one on this phone because I use my other phone for IF hahah but thanks for the welcome.

Thanks for flying my favourite airline and landing at my home airport!

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