Virgin Australia Boeing 737MAX 8

Virgin Australia was very proud to order these in 2012 to replace their core and only domestic fleet of 737-800 aircraft and one cute 737-700. They are expected to be manufactured and come into service very soon!

Computerised version of the ordered livery - Credits to The Boeing Company
Such a stylish livery for this new little guy!


Looks nice

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(cough)what did you say?


Whaaaaaaaat? Couldn’t heeeear ya?

No, you did not just say that! Yeah Virgin Australia never has any disagreements of any kind 😏

Remember, that stays in the other topic :-)

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Well you haven’t liked this so I’m not sure 😏

I like this. I’ll rate it 9/10 IGN rating because it has no mustaches.

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Can I photoshop one on for you? It has a pointy little nose 😄

Sure you can.

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Duplicate :/


Damn, no way I searched! They forgot the ‘Boeing’ and used the short version of ‘737-8’ :-/
Would you mind changing the title on the other one to a more suitable name? That would help when finding it…

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