Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800

Hello IFC, Sorry if there’s another topic about this, but I would like to see the Virgin Australia livery added to the 737-800. it would make Australia flights more realistic.

Link to owner:

Not a bad livery! If your looking for realistic Australian flights, the Qantas 737-800 is about to be released!

Also - there has been a topic already created about this Aircraft.

Yes, But I think Virgin Australia would just make it more realistic. But yes, Australian flights will be realistic now because of the new Qantas 737-800.

I searched and found a topic, but it was closed, then I found a 737-700 version.

It would be far more appropriate to continue the discussion of the feature request on the older topic which had 30+ votes.

Although that topic is closed, I will ask the moderators to reconsider opening the other topic.

My apologies, I didn’t realise there were two other topics… Topic has been flagged for moderation

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Here it is: Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800


Whilst it’s great you thought about this, please search first.

I agree with others, we should head over to the primary request.

@schyllberg, any input?

Here’s my input 👆 :)