Virgin Australia beefs up its Melbourne to Hong Kong service to daily flights

Virgin Australia has made the decision to beef up its Melbourne to Hong Kong to daily services diminishing the current 5 time weekly services between the two cities. VA87 and VA89 are the current flight numbers on the north bound route with VA86 on the southbound route. Virgin Australia acting CEO said, “We’re thrilled to be able to offer travellers a daily schedule of flights to Hong Kong”. The northbound flights currently depart Melbourne late morning and arrive in Hong Kong in the mid evening. Southbound flights currently depart Hong Kong in the late evening and fly overnight to reach Melbourne mid morning, approximate departure and arrival times currently depend on which day travel is on. It is certainly great news for Australian East Coast travellers with the timings out of and into Melbourne make it easy to get connecting flights. Virgin use an A330-200 aircraft for the route which is also used on the Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne to Perth flights, this possibly means a little more pain for passengers flying on the transcontinental routes through with an A330 presumably being taken from one of those services. Virgin will start the daily services on November 12

Onboard a Virgin Australia A330, credit myself


Lets see how many seats they fill. If they’re gonna beaf up its service to daily, it needs to be filled or it’s a waste.


This is cool, but is it really forum worthy? Airlines are changing their flight frequencies all the time, it’s nothing new.


Absolutely not in my opinion. Posting a topic about an airline adding extra service to a destination is just too much for a flight-sim forum.