Virgin Australia B77W to Macau

Hey guys, here is the first screenshots topic. Today I would like to flew from Adelaide to Macau with a Virgin Australia (Boeing 777-367ER). Our B777 will enters Macau for the first time. However, we will having a visibility changes during final approach at Macau.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Livery: Virgin Australia
Call sign: Velocity Australia 57 Heavy
Cruise: FL360
Route: YPAD - VMMC
Flight Time: 8:02
Server: Casual

Parked at gate 20R at YPAD

Taking off and departing from Adelaide

Cruising at FL360

Cruising over Indonesia

Cruising over Philippines during sunrise

Descending to Macau

Landing at runway 34

Taxiing to gate

Parked at gate and finish the flight

Hope you enjoy a first screenshots topic :)


Nice shots! I forgot macau had buildings!

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Nice shots, although Virgin doesn’t operate this route.

Looks really good! Quick question though, why were your flaps out while descending?

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Wow, these pictures looks amazing:)

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I’m going to preparing to descending to the airport before reducing the aircraft speed.

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