Virgin Australia B777 Rest Area

An interesting article about crew rest areas onboard the Virgin Australia B777-300 which operates “extra long-haul” flights between Sydney and Los Angeles. Here is the Pilot rest area below:

See the full blog post/source here:


Poor pilots. They seem to be pretty squished there in the back.

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That is heaps of space! 😂 I guess space must be maximised while keeping enough space for crew to rest


This place looks pretty tight compared to the B787 rest place ;)

Standard fit B777-300 bunk area. I’m 6’4" (195cm) and I’ve got loads of room in there. What you can’t see in that picture is the two full reclining seats with IFE and an ‘en-suite’ toilet and washroom.

Not a bad place to chill out. :D


It looks nice and cosy! Not too bad for a 777. But the beds do look a little hard.

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