Virgin Australia A320

Hey Everyone!

Today I am requesting the Virgin Australia A320 to be added into Infinite Flight.


So, What is Virgin Australia?

Virgin Australia is the second largest airline in Australia and the largest airline in the Virgin brand. It is based in Brisbane, and was established in November of 1999 as Virgin Blue. In 2011 it started its rebranding into Virgin Australia, transforming from a low cost carrier to a full service airline. It’s fleet consists of the following aircraft:

737-700, 737-800
ATR 72-500
Fokker 100

Click on the aircraft types to learn more about them

So, why do we need this in Infinite Flight?

I think that we need this in Infinite Flight because Virgin Australia is hugely unrepresented in Infinite Flight. We only have 2 Virgin Australia aircraft currently, so this would fit nicely in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the Virgin Australia A320?

Thanks for reading through this feature request. If you want to see this in Infinite Flight, make sure
to vote.

Very nice feature request unfortunately I am out of votes and no offence the things I voted for I would personally like more than this.

But as I mentioned before this is a really good example of a great feature request. Great job! I do really like Virgin Australia’s livery tho.

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Thanks for the kind words! And yes, Virgin Australia’s livery really is stunning!

No offence or anything but for me personally: Jetstar A320 > Virgin Australia A320

Apart from my opinion, yes, I would definitely like to see this in the simulator. Although it’s a very rare aircraft to see on the East Coast, you can see them most times on the West Coast flying from Perth. Although, I’ve seen a Virgin A320 on FR24 Flying from Adelaide to Melbourne, and Adelaide to Darwin.

I don’t have the appropriate votes, however I will reconsider when I have a freebie. Great request however, and it would be more enjoyable to see more Australian liveries, in particular, Virgin Australia and their low cost (and absolutely trash) subsidiary, Tigerair.


That’s fine. Thanks for reading through my request!

Also, I am pretty sure that I saw a Virgin A320 flying from Kalgoorlie to Melbourne. Search up VA1897 on FR24 :)

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Wow didn’t even know VA used a A320! I support this livery completely! <3

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It’s a great livery for sure! Thanks for supporting!


flyin above Cocos islands and I want to fly there someday, would be nice to have this livery because thats like the only plane that flies there…

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They only have 2 A320s though, is it worth it? They were basically inherited from Skywest Airlines which operated regional services on the west coast of Australia. The 737-800 is a good alternative.

i love this livery- i think if should definitely bring it!

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