Virgin Australia 777-300ER

Virgin Australia stored four 777s at Brisbane airport: VH-VPD Avalon Beach, VH-VPE Noosa Heads Beach, VH-VPF Caves Beach, and VH-VPH St Kilda Beach I’ve always wanted to fly with this livery so i’m wondering if anyone knows where these beautiful aircraft used to fly? Which long haul routes? Which countries? Any information anyone has about this would be nice.


Virgin Australia only operated the aircraft to KLAX from YSSY, YMML and YBBN. I am not to sure if they did any other routes in the past but that is the main routes they flew


Thank you so much! This is plenty of intel, I did realise my mistake shortly after I posted and corrected it though 😂

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On a repatriation flight, a VA B77W flew from Brisbane to Auckland, Auckland to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Paris. then flew empty from Paris direct to Brisbane.

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