Virgin Australia 777-300ER | YSSY-SBGR | Beautiful mountains of South America!

Here is my flight from YSSY-SBGR! I really enjoyed this flight and the scenery. I absolutely love this livery on the 773ER and I cant wait for the rework! Took off last night, the first view photos are the take off :) When I was on approach to SBGR, it was very busy and I sat in a holding pattern for about 30 minutes. But I finally got to make a buttery smooth landing on 9R in front of a few aircraft! Definitely one of my best 777 landings in a while! Enjoy the pics!

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Take off!

Beautiful sunrise/eclipse shot

Another great sunrise photo!

Right wing shot!

This livery is stunning


Those giant engines are powerful!



Reverse thrust!


All good here.

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Nice pictures! You captured the sun very well!


Great pictures Riley! My favorite is 4th from the bottom, stunning picture!


Thank you! @JarrettFlies

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Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Cool thank you :)

Nice pictures

Thanks alot! I think I got some good shots!

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