Virgin Australia 737 Logo Spread Apart


Hello Community!

Today my fellow Australian friends and I discovered this…

The 737-800 logo ‘virgin australia’ is too spread apart, as you can see in the picture above. (pictures are mine) Also, the ‘t’ is australia is incorrect. We presume it is a livery glitch and we were all wondering if it could be fixed in any way.

It may not look like much to all you non-australians (not being racist), but to us, it is a real eyesore.

Thank you for reading and good day to you all!

ET_Mavic and IFC Auzzies


Also the ‘t’ in ‘australia’ is wrong.

Oh and if I want to be very sensitive, the dots on the 'i’s are supposed to be square, not round.


Also, if you look st the tail, the logo in IF isn’t proportional to the one in real life.


This is text on a livery, it has nothing to do with LOD.


No one would think that lol ;) . An Australian would obviously know an Australian livery better then others from other places.


Just playing it safe bro 😂


I would really like to see this fixed especially seeing as the developers got it right on the Virgin Australia 777-300ER in the sim.


It’s not level of detail. I recognise the font the developers used, it’s a downloadable typeface from the internet that looks similar to the actual title but it’s not quite right. I used it on a fictional Virgin Australia livery, but it’s not something I would use on the livery in IF.


I always see the VA 737’s coming into NZWN and noticed this as well. It seems a few of the new liveries on the 737 have some flaws, I noticed an issue with the Fiji 737-700, it seems to be missing a little logo near the front. I guess these kinds of things happen when modelling liveries into a simulator though.


Hmmm, these are both my pictures bro 😅, even the RL one


Although the teams have done a wonderful job with the implementation, it is sad to see that it is not like the real-life counterpart. It really is irritating.


I’ve notified the individual responsible so he can take a look :)
Not much more we can do about it right now than wait.


I must note we also have this livery on the 777-300ER, but that livery is very close to its real-life counterpart.

Anyway, thanks for your much needed help and response Seb. 😊


I wanted to make a topic but I would look ungrateful lol


And the Dotfor the i is not a square


So glad you took notice and this will hopefully change. You’d think it would be a relatively simple transfer of the title from the 77W, but I’m no expert. Probably a whole lot more complicated.

Also the windows are a little messed up. Probably something that is not changed between liveries, and because Virgin Australia orders a slightly modified model. This is getting nit-picky though 😉


@schyllberg any news on this?



Yeah, it’s being looked at. This one is a bit trickier than the other ones with just inverted letters and such.


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