Virgin Australia 737-800 Aborted Landing

I was on a Virgin Australia 737 heading to Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast Australia) when we suddenly aborted the landing due to the high speeds on approach. We touched down twice (bounced) and went straight up again.


How do you know that was the cause? ;)


Usually they’ll say why they are making a go around. ;)

Cool. Never experienced one.


It’s great fun, there’s nothing like having the engines spool to 103% and leaping off the ground on a light 777-300ER.


Pilots don’t always tell ypu the truth. And we are taught this because passengers get frightened easily. Probably an unstable approach. So ypu basically did a touch and go😂. That pilot was looking to build his xp lol


The Capetian told us as we turned around. Also you could fill that the plane struggled to land due to the speed.

Interesting, never been in one of those, pilot made the right choice there

I was also involved in a incident like this in Emirates A330 while landing at TRV. Reason was due to slight fog.

Probably got less XP for the hard touch n go 😂

ok ok, Back to the topic!

How do you feel was? I have never experience such

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