Virgin Australia 737-700

Picture credits to Clayton Ferguson on Jetphotos
About Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia is Australia’s second largest airline after Qantas and the largest airline by fleet size in the Virgin brand.
Founded in: 1999 As Virgin Blue
Commenced operations: 31 August 2000

About the 737-700
The 737-700 is a twin-engined narrowbody aircraft that carries a maximum of 149 people. It is together with the 737-600, 800 and 900 as a member of the 737-Next Generation-Family.

My Opinion
I believe that this livery is important because it looks quite nice and it is a good aircraft to operate on regional routes that don’t require a larger aircraft. It is also regularly operates on routes such as YMML to YSSY.

This is my first feature request so feedback would be appreciated!

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Let’s show this bird some love! Thanks to all of those that have already voted!


Love to see this mate! Seen it at Sunshine Coast Airport a few times


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Would be great to see this. 🤞

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It sure would be! Thanks for voting!

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Just gonna give this a bump.

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Nice livery. As there are many missing liveries for the 737-700, such as Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Copa Airlines etc.

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Happen to get a visit from the same aircraft listed in this request!

VH-VBY, one of only two 737-700’s in the Virgin Australia fleet.

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Saw that on Flightradar24. A rare catch for sure!

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We also need to make a page for the VARA A320

Already one

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Agreed although I’m out of votes sorry!

Hey… Sorry that I flagged it was inappropriate I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that but I won’t do it again… again I am sorry for doing that can IF Accept my apology