Virgin Atlantic's Last Boeing 747 Flight!

The last Boeing 747 for Virgin Atlantic has left London Heathrow. The aircraft is taking a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA, where it will serve under Atlas Air. The sad part is that just three weeks ago British Airways 747 left Heathrow for the last time.

2020 is has been a bad time for the 747 and any four-engined aircraft. Due to COVID-19 and the price to run the marvelous aircraft, airlines have started to speed up the retirement process of these aircraft.

Hasta Lavista G-VROS

The aircraft G-VROS departed EGLL at 12:42 this afternoon, the plane climbed over Ireland, cruising at FL390 (39,000 feet) passed over Greenland, and is coming down into Canada to North America. G-VROS is expected to land in Las Vegas at 12:56 the next day.

No More 747’s at EGLL

The departure of G-VROS also means that London Heathrow Airport will now no longer see any British operated Boeing 747 passenger aircraft. While the Boeing 747 has been able to call Heathrow home for the past half a century, future passenger Boeing 747 operations to the airport are likely to be few and very far between.



Just spotted the beauty land in Vegas :)

Will be posting a topic on it by tomorrow. Sad to see these Queens leave :( Landed an hour agai from this post.

FYI, it will be departing tomorrow at 2020-10-31T17:00:00Z for Pinal Airpark in Arizona where it will be converted to an Atlas Air 747-400

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I feel like this is the most depressing part of this story. It’s one thing for a major airline to loose an aircraft. It’s another thing for a hub for essentially an entire continent, to loose such an iconic aircraft.


Vegas had these 747’s a year ago. We took it for granted. “Eh, comes here all the time, i
I’ll get it next time.” Now seeing it on it’s final journey is depressing.


Hasta La Vista, FYI. 😉

It’s very sad that Passenger 747s had to become a worldwide rarity. I’ll truly miss them. 😔


I guess my h was sticky and I did not see

G-VROY is expected to be the actual last one of November 11th. It departs Cuidad Real for London Heathrow before flying to Las Vegas, afterwards it will fly to Marana.

Also made a topic on G-VROS here.

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