Virgin Atlantic's 33rd Birthday Event @ EGKK - 251400ZJUN17


SERVER: Expert

REGION: London, UK


TIME: 14:00Z*

AIRCRAFT: 787-9 (Virgin Livery) A340-600 (Virgin Livery)

Date: 25th June 2017*

It’s with great pleasure that I on behalf of Virgin Atlantic VA announce to you the 33rd Birthday of Virgin Atlantic.
Thirty three years ago today was the maiden voyage of Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick to New York Newark, for Virgin Atlantic this was the start of something special, an utterly incredible journey from a small fish in a very big pond to a big time airline that is out performing most, coming in consistently within the top 10 airlines year on year.

We at Virgin Atlantic invite you to come and join us in our celebration of this special at an event that we will be holding this weekend!


•11 @speedbird203
•12 @Hari_Sims
•13 @B747fan
•14 @morgan99
•15 @morgan99 (brother) Virgin 2008
•16 @Pandastic
•17 @Will_A
•22 @pigdatflyz
•23 @Joseph_Oliver
•24 @Flightsimuatorblaine
•25 @Hugh_Cooper
•26 RedarPhel
•27 Ewan_elliot Virgin 33
•28 Lamale99
•31 Samflic
•32 Milen_Jacob
•33 Northwest
•34 a380fan
•35 anke_dreisbach COOKIE Super

More gates may be added if needed.

If you would like more information please drop me a message.

If you are interested in joining Virgin Atlantic Virtual you can start by filling out our application form.

*The time and date is subject to change.

Thank you,

We hope you can make it!


Please remember to use the proper #live:events title format. I’ve already made the necessary changes for you!

Thank you. :)

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Ahh my mistake, sincerely apologise.

Thanks for editing it :)


Arrr, midnight for me 🙃

Hope all goes well!

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I’ll be happy to come. Could I be cheeky and ask for two gates, because my brother wants to join to, but isn’t on here.

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Count me in for this one 787-9

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I’d like to join with my 787

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Yes of course, what would his call sign be?

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Your gate has been reserved !

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Counted in ! :) thank you !

Thank you, greatly appreciated!

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Virgin 2008. Cheers. Much appreciated

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Reserve a gate for me in the A340. Not sure if I can make it but I’ll try!


All booked in buddy!

Hope you can make it :)

I should be able to make it. Count me in please!


Perfect! I’ve reserved your gate !

Can I please have a gate

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Hello, is it possible I could have the gate 24 in the Boeing 787. Thanks

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You most certainly well can, your gate has been booked !

Hello, yes indeed you have gate 24 :)