Virgin Atlantic will live!

This is very good news for Virgin Atlantic! 🥳


🎉🎉🎉 This is great!

Those are great news!

So so happy!

Yay! This is awesome!


Let’s party 🎉


I know this maybe an unpopular question but how do people wear masks in a plane on an 8+ hour flight?

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They can probably pull them down to breathe so long as they slip them back up when theyre done.

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They tried to make us wear masks are work. I lasted 10 mins and I and others had to remove them as they steam up glasses and for me made me feel a bit claustrophobic as I don’t like having my face covered. Don’t think I will be flying anytime soon because I know I couldn’t wear one for 8 or 10 hours.

This is good news though. Slowly flights are returning.

I could only last like 1.5 hours max I think

Yeah I might be able to fly to Gatwick if I had to. Thats about a 40 min flight. That’s will be my limit.

And they’re back!


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