Virgin Atlantic visits Stansted @ STN / EGSS - 10OCT2021

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Yesterday (Sunday 10th October 2021), the NFL came to London! The New York Jets played against the Atlanta Falcons at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground in North London.

I’m not going to say the result here in case you want to watch it and find out for yourself!

Anyway, the teams arrived onboard 2 Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350-1000’s on Friday, so there can prepare for the game on Sunday yesterday.

Yesterday morning it came to my attention that both teams would be departing from Stansted that evening, and with 2x Virgin Atlantic A350’s which will position into Stansted, ready for their departure back to the States.
It was shortly after 5:15pm UK time (1615Z) when the first of the planes arrived from London Heathrow, then around 30 minutes or so later, the second arrived.

I was at Stansted, ready along with several other plane enthusiasts with cameras to picture their arrivals.
It’s not often you see VIR / VS come into Stansted, hence the intrigue to see them both!

Light was fading fast after the first arrival, so the challenge was on to get the best pictures possible, in low light!

Below are the aircraft details, and pictures! Enjoy!

Aircraft / Flight details

First Arrival @ 1628Z

  • Callsign: VIR821P (Virgin 821 Papa)
  • Route: London Heathrow (LHR / EGLL) → London Stansted (STN / EGSS)
  • A/C type: A35K (Airbus A350-1041)
  • Reg: G-VPOP (Mamma Mia)

Second Arrival @ 1703Z

  • Callsign: VIR832P (Virgin 832 Papa)
  • Route: London Heathrow (LHR / EGLL) → London Stansted (STN / EGSS)
  • A/C type: A35K (Airbus A350-1041)
  • Reg: G-VDOT (Ruby Slipper)

G-VPOP Arrival (VIR821P)

G-VDOT Arrival (VIR832P)

Both aircraft together on the Ramp as light was fading, fast!

I appreciate they may not be very clear even after my editing, but then again my camera isn’t the best when it comes to low light photography!

The two planes were due to pushback from the Gates at 20:45 BST for G-VPOP on Stand A12 (Gate 6), and 21:15 BST for G-VDOT on Stand A13 (Gate 12). However for reasons unknown at this time, they both departed later than scheduled.
Below are the outbound flights they operated…

G-VPOP Mamma Mia (VS625 / VIR625 - STN -> ATL)
  • Scheduled Off-Blocks Time: 20:45 BST
  • Actual Off-Blocks Time: 21:01 BST (+16m SOBT)
  • Route: London Stansted (STN / EGSS) → Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL / KATL)
  • Total Flight Time (Air Time): 08h 21m

G-VDOT Ruby Slipper (VS627 / VIR627 - STN -> EWR)
  • Scheduled Off-Blocks Time: 21:15 BST
  • Actual Off-Blocks Time: 21:44 BST (+29m SOBT)
  • Route: London Stansted (STN / EGSS) → New York Newark Liberty (EWR / KEWR)
  • Total Flight Time (Air Time): 07h 11m

Hope you enjoyed this little collection of photos I took, and until the next forum post… Happy Flying!

All photos were edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2021


Wonderful photos and information!


It sure is a rarity to see them come into STN!

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Indeed it is :)

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I’m not used to taking night time photos, because I haven’t done it in a couple of years I think now!
Good to get back into the swing of things I guess!

Thank you for the kind comment 😊

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I agree, they look awesome!


Thanks! ☺️

If only I was working that evening and actually work on the ramp!
I just need to get authorisation from my manager to be able to take photos airside, and on the ramp!

I work here at Stansted if you didn’t know, and I often spend a lot of time airside and down on the ramp 🙈
Sunday was one of my days off


What the heck are NFL teams doing in the UK? Fighting to see if American football is better than football?

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The NFL for the last few years (except 2020 due to the pandemic) have what’s called the “International Series”.
I think it’s been going since 2005 (don’t quote me on this)
I think it’s for the chance for the NFL and the organisers to have international partners, outside the USA, and to offer viewers all over the world to enjoy American Football in their timezones.

London is the start, but I was reading this morning that there could be more European Cities which will host the sport in future 😊

More info on the London games can be found below…

The next game I believe will be on Sunday coming at 14:30 UK time, with the Jacksonville Jaguars playing the Miami Dolphins at Tottenham Hotspurs 's stadium.


I’ve decided I’m gonna throw a poll in…

What photo is your favourite
  • G-VPOP (Photo 1)
  • G-VPOP (Photo 2)
  • G-VPOP (Photo 3)
  • G-VPOP (Photo 4)
  • G-VDOT (Photo 5)
  • Dusk Ramp Shot (Photo 6)
  • Night Ramp Shot (Photo 7)

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I’m interested to see what you think is your favourite 😊

Nice catches! Did you see the players pull up to the airplane?

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As much as I would’ve loved to stay to watch them board and depart, I didn’t no!

I couldn’t stay any later because I had to get some stuff done around the house, have time to have a shower, etc. that evening.

I did however because I live within range of Stansted, use my airband scanner to tune into Stansted Tower on 123.805, and listen to the first of the two departures Virgin 625 to KATL with the ATL Falcons.

That was interesting!!

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So simple, yet such beautiful shots! Great topic:)

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My favourite’s have to be first one of G-VPOP slowing down after landing, the ramp shot (photo 4 of G-VPOP), and the dusk shot of both aircraft parked up together!

Thanks 😃
Considering I haven’t done night photography for a while, I’m happy with what I got 😊

If anyone is interested, I’ve just stumbled upon this relevant article.
This includes pics taken airside of the two planes I saw that evening!

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